The Cannes Film Festival 2022 ended on 28 May and with it came a number of advances in terms of programming, broadcasting and digital accessibility. Indeed, after Canal +, France Télévisions is the new official media partner of this famous film festival. Between speech-to-text, dubbing, subtitling and simultaneous transcription, the Group has innovated to make a maximum number of videos available to the greatest number of people in a short timeframe. What were the differences in terms of media coverage and broadcasting with France Télévisions for the Cannes Festival? What can we learn from this edition ? What were the results ? We tell you more!

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The Cannes 2022 Festival joins forces with France Télévisions

To begin with, you should know that this year, for the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the behind-the-scenes broadcasting of cinematographic works has taken a new turn as France Télévisions has become the new official partner of the event. According to francetvinfo.fr, « the public service has joined forces with Brut and presented its ambitions as a television partner of the Cannes Festival, after Canal + withdrew ». And this change has clearly borne fruit!

Indeed, as lefigaro.fr also points out, this was a new arrangement. As explained by the management of the Cannes Festival in December 2021, the « public television group, uniting its channels France 2, France 3, France 5, Culturebox and Brut have proposed a new working perspective ».

For the president of France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte, as a new partner for the broadcasting of the Cannes Film Festival videos, the ambition was to « bring the festival into every home », an ambition that is stated for France as well as for the whole world! Thanks to Brut’s teams, all the videos were widely broadcast on the web – which favored the international reach of the broadcast!

France Télévisions’ coverage of the 75th Cannes Film Festival

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In addition to the opening and closing ceremonies broadcast on France 2, the various France Télévisions news programmes presented daily, live broadcasts.
For example, the tv program « Télématin » was on site during the entire 75th edition of the Cannes Festival, as was France 3. In addition, Culturebox broadcast daily shows in Cannes live from 7pm to 9pm.
In addition, France Télévisions’ channels broadcast several films related to the Cannes Festival every day. In parallel, France TV – the web platform of the France Télévisions group – made available collections of directors, some significant films – in partnership with the Association of independent films diffusion.

Brut: at the heart of the Cannes Film Festival’s web success

Brut was at the heart of the webcasting success of this last edition of the Cannes Film Festival. As Ouest-France.fr points out, Brut propelled this edition. Indeed, « the Canal years are over, Brut, an online media popular with young people », has taken the famous film festival into a new dimension!
For the « opening ceremony of the Festival alone, Brut’s videos – broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube and Snapchat – counted more than 10 million views ». This is thanks to the short format of the videos and the subtitles used in the broadcast.

At Authôt, as experts in transcription and subtitling, we understand the challenges behind such a large volume of videos, a wide range of broadcast sources and audiences – and all within a very short timeframe.

The work of the Brut teams cannot be improvised! Whether in terms of production, broadcasting, appropriation of content, subtitling or translation, supporting such events requires great professionalism, experience and adaptation! As Laurent Lucas, Editorial Director of Brut, points out, particular care must be taken with automated translations, which must be « checked by humans ».

As speech-to-text specialists, we understand this! That’s why we offer automatic translation in many language combinations with a human proofreading service consisting of professional native translators!

Successful media alliances for the 75th Cannes Film Festival

Several media players are unanimous: this new media alliance is successful. According to the media stephanelarue.com, thanks to France Télévisions and Brut, the Cannes Film Festival has never been so well followed! Indeed, more than « 5 million viewers shared the love of cinema by following the Ceremony live on France 2 […]. And it was the best audience since 2011 – with 1.8 million viewers ».

In addition, everyone at their own level was able to work and appreciate the advances in terms of broadcasting, streaming and subtitling for this edition of the Cannes Festival! For example, Thomas Grillière, co-founder of Heraw and who has been working with the Cannes Film Festival for the past 5 years, spoke about this success on his LinkedIn account. We « set up a connection with Videlio, between Telestream’s media platform and Heraw, which allows files edited at the Festival to be encoded and distributed automatically on our platform ».

Thanks to their work, journalists using their platform received real-time notifications that new video files were available. Thus, they were able to use the videos of the walk up of the stairs, the different interviews, the photocall etc. instantly.

In short, thanks to its new partners – notably France Télévisions and Brut – the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival was a real success in terms of distribution and accessibility! This is a concrete case of the challenges and opportunities in terms of speech-to-text, subtitling, translation…
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