2021 Authôt Balance sheet: a year of consolidation in transcription, automatic translation

2021 Authôt Balance sheet: a year of consolidation in transcription, automatic translation


At the beginning of 2022, it is time to take stock of 2021! To give you our 2021 Authôt Balance sheet! The review, the synthesis of everything we have learned, experienced together on the Authôt blog during the past year. After our review of 2019, our 2020 reviews of our Authôt App and Authôt Live platforms, we’re continuing on our path…! Between innovations, analyses, illustrations… Several themes, news were presented. Are you ready to look back together at the best of 2021? Here we go!

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Review of 2021: a year rich in translation and appeal for languages 

To begin with, we have put together a list of the main themes, the new features that made an impression on you on our blog in 2021! 

First of all, you were particularly interested in translation and the use of modern languages in general… And that’s good news, because this is one of our specialities! We have seen together that Amazon Echo’s Alexa is able to translate your conversations in real time. In addition, Google Translate is able to translate a photo. The fact that two web giants are interested in automatic translation is revealing… In concrete terms, today, whatever the platform, the issue, users no longer want to wait to get a translation. They want to be able to convert messages automatically, in a few clicks! 

What’s more, individuals and professionals are also very interested in improving their own foreign language skills. It’s no coincidence that Babbel’s live courses and other language learning platforms were a big hit in 2021! On this subject, you should know that at Authôt, our entire team is made up of native speakers and professionals certified in many foreign languages… This means that you gain directly in expertise and time for all your international audiovisual projects…! 

2021: All formats count in webmarketing 

In terms of webmarketing, management and content creation, the social network Facebook has not been left behind in 2021…! Indeed, the famous platform has unveiled several new features that have once again underlined the importance of different formats, types of content. Whether it is written, video, audio, visuals… Everything counts! 

It is therefore important to be able to make information, news, messages from any company or entity accessible internationally, but also in different media… In this respect, file conversion, transcription and subtitling were major issues in 2021 and will be by 2022  ! Facebook has understood this and it is far from being the only one…! 

Innovations in favour of communication 

In this dynamic of digital accessibility and diversification of formats and content, there were many innovations in 2021… And in particular, innovations in favour of communication! Indeed, in addition to being useful for commercial purposes, communication is also central for all human beings… It must therefore continue to improve! 

In 2021, this was the case with the discovery of the « Look to Speak » application, which allows its users to communicate with their eyes! In concrete terms, some people can now, without using their hands, command the machine to perform certain digital actions…! This is quite a breakthrough and one that we at Authôt feel very strongly about! 

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2021 : A year rich in audio and transcription 

Moreover, audio and transcription continued to grow in 2021! In concrete terms, it was the year of audio, of the multiplication of podcasts… In addition, several players such as Microsoft Teams and Spotify have taken their turn at automatic transcription! This is very practical for keeping live oral exchanges in writing. 

At Authôt, as a specialist in « Speech To Text » since 2015, the processing of audio signals and their conversion into text is at the heart of our identity… In this sense, we offer more and more platforms and services to support you and make your life easier! With our research and development department and our entire team, we are always looking for precision, improvement and cutting-edge technology! 

Artificial intelligence and automation continue to develop 

Finally, of course, our year in review would not be complete without a look at artificial intelligence and automation…! Artificial intelligence as a pillar of « Speech To Text » has a lot of influence in automatic speech recognition… And this is true for all sectors of activity! It’s quite simple, in 2021, we have AI everywhere…! It is therefore not without reason that France wishes to become a leader in artificial intelligence. 

Automating, having machines perform certain human tasks, has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is certain that it is more topical than ever! As an illustration, according to a report by IDC France a key player in IT research and consulting « the global market for artificial intelligence in business will reach 342 billion dollars in 2022″… The growth is, for that reason, exponential…! 

At Authôt, we are convinced that it is the sharp alliance of technology and people that will make the difference in the long term… What’s more, the use of artificial intelligence cannot be improvised, it requires time, experience and hindsight… That’s why we will continue more than ever to monitor trends and accompany companies and the media in this area! 

2021 Authôt Balance sheet 

In 2021, the whole world has been buzzing with technologies, innovations, and themes that are precious to us… And this is not about to end…! We are curious to analyze together the developments and novelties that are on the horizon in new technologies and artificial intelligence in the years to come. We hope you have enjoyed this review and our blog posts this year. Thank you for your loyalty, your confidence in 2021! We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you in 2022 for even more content!

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