Audio quality in business is now a must!

Audio quality in business is now a must!


Audio is now more than trendy for brands in business. Audio quality in business is now a must! Indeed, as we frequently tell you, we are significantly in an era of audio. In the workplace and in everyday life. In concrete terms, audio, the use of voice and sound, is useful. And it makes a difference for many projects, needs, sectors. It all starts with a good audio recording, and then the applications and distribution are endless! Here we decided to look at the uses of audio in business. Automatic or manual audio transcription, professional communication exchanges… We take a look at audio with you.

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The uses of audio in companies 

Let’s start with an overview of the uses of audio in companies today. This is a line of thought that comes to us from Faced with digital transformation, changes in the company due to the health crisis, remote working and hybrid forms of work, « suddenly audio has become a necessity ». In fact, audio, voice, sound has many advantages which also explain its increasing use:   

  • It is a channel of communication that is quick and easy to create and transmit; 
  • Oral communication is more accessible than written communication for certain profiles; 
  • Audio allows for more proximity, intimacy and emotion; 
  • It is less expensive… 

Thus, faced with the multiplication of platforms and the increased use of audio in all areas, good quality and management of audio is now essential in companies. Indeed, there are still many problems of interference and audio management for employees. Remote and face-to-face. 

Audio management in companies is first and foremost a technical issue! Indeed, it is necessary to ensure good sound quality for professional exchanges… This is the basis before going further. With the increase in teleworking, the audio equipment in companies must be monitored in terms of productivity and well-being of employees. 


Getting along well in the workplace and at home 

Nowadays, hearing each other well, via interposed screens, audio quality in the workplace, no longer applies only on the premises of a company. It extends far beyond that. Business audio quality is now also a must for remote working. 

The main problem is that workplaces of any kind company, home, coworking are not always optimised from a sound point of view. Indeed, it is not always quiet. Moreover, professionals are not necessarily well-equipped. 

Audio technology, its proper implementation and quality must be at the heart of the new working environments. Ensuring this major part of communication is a guarantee of professionalism. It is also a guarantee of quality for exchanges and project follow-up and therefore, by extension, for the success of the project! In addition, it allows the partners in a project employees, clients, partners to literally get along well. Not to be hindered by any distance or sound interference… 

A problem that is well understood by business leaders in 2021. In fact, according to a study, 86% of them say they want to acquire new audio equipment by 2022. The aim is to stop having communication problems. To be able to rely on this powerful communication channel instead of suffering the disadvantages. 

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Audio in the workplace: a crucial response to flexibility and teleworking 

Audio is a crucial answer to professional flexibility and the successful development of remote work. On several levels. As points out, in « a period of transition to remote and flexible working modes, one of the main concerns of companies is how to keep their employees motivated and communicating with each other ». Indeed, it is necessary to maintain a certain proximity, a feeling of belonging. In addition, each person must retain control and understanding of his or her tasks. 

The inherent advantages of audio leave no one behind just as long as you have good headsets, a good internet connection and the right video conferencing tools. Video conferencing itself is a 2.0 communication mode with multiple benefits Being able to perform various tasks with your voice is simply amazing! It completely changes the way we work…! 

Professionals can work, follow and participate in projects from almost anywhere in the world, no longer need to travel, save time… Of course, in all the power of this process, the quality of the audio is crucial. In this dynamic, videoconferencing is just as effective as face-to-face exchanges and even more so. 

Audio quality, the professional world and automatic transcription 


However, in the face of all this productivity, this speed of exchange, it is still a question of keeping records. Here too, audio quality in the business world is a must! Indeed, it is only with quality audio files that a good transcription is possible. 

At Authôt, we are experts in automatic speech transcription. Therefore, from our clients’ professional audio files, we can convert speech into text in an optimal manner. We offer a very easy-to-use automatic transcription platform. You simply upload your audio or video file to the platform and the transcript is displayed in the text editor next to it. You can easily make any changes before saving and exporting your transcript in the format you require. 

Our technological solution requires good audio quality, a recording in good conditions. If these are correct, Authôt APP is 95% reliable! Moreover, we can transcribe numerous modern languages which can be very useful if you are an international company! 

You can also rely directly on our live transcription platform, Authôt Live. This platform is very useful for obtaining transcriptions of events that take place orally, live.  

Finally, in addition to Authôt APP and Authôt Live, you can also optimise your automatic transcriptions by having them proofread by our proofreading service! We offer a professional rendering that is always faithful to your spoken words.   

Audio quality in companies is now a must, whatever your entity! To ensure the quality of your business recordings and, above all, to convert them into text, contact our team now!

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