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Authôt launches new language and offers the arabic subtitling!

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The place of Arabic language in the world

Arabic is the official language in 25 countries in Africa and the Middle East. It is 430 million people who speak Arabic in the world in 2016. George Weber in his book « Top languages » had ranked Arabic in the 5th position of the most influential languages in the world, just before Portuguese.
France has signed agreements with Maghreb countries on cultural co-operation: teaching of French in the partner countries and teaching of Arabic in France. France has indeed historical ties with Maghreb countries and maintains economic exchanges with them. Therefore, Arabic subtitling plays an important role at all levels.

Arabic subtitling: an essential strategy for internal and external corporate communication

arabic subtitles

YouTube caption of Draxler’s interview

The Arabic language is therefore very present in the world because it is the mother tongue for many countries. We can underlined an other point, in fact, investments of Middle East countries, especially of Qatar, are increasingly important in Europe.

  • External communication: External communication allows a company to promote its brand to its customers. In France we can mention the case of the football club Paris Saint Germain (PSG) bought by the sovereign Qatar Investment Authority up to 70%. Their website is accessible in many languages, including Arabic, but any Arabic subtitling is offered. The interview videos of the players are indeed not accessible on the Arabic version of the site. PSG. tv is only available in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. Concerning the external communication of the PSG, Arabic subtitling is therefore missing and could be desired by Qataris fans.
  • Internal communication: The internal communication is used by companies to motivate the team, deliver a corporate culture and brought the team together around the new projects launched. It is essential because it gives a boost. Video is increasingly popular because it conveys the same message to everyone in a clearest way. Moreover, the visual impact is also very important and allows a better appropriation of the message. Huge companies like Airbus have special relations with the Gulf countries, notably with the airline company Emirates, their biggest A380 customer. Internals videos which introduce the Airbus technology to the Emirian should maybe benefit from arabic subtitling in order to be understandable and more attractive.

Authôt offers Arabic subtitling on the App!

Authôt is both an actor and a qualified partner in the transcription and subtitling of videos. Indeed, Libcast and Opsomai, specialized in video hosting, trust us for their subtitling. But also Mas production, specialized in Voice Over. These various partners include among their services, internal and external corporate communication through videos.
In this article, we highlight that companies with Arabic mother tongue have an increasingly important place in the business world. The internal or external communication of French companies should therefore adapt themselves and offer an Arabic subtitling of quality, which is what Authôt does.
You can now test our technology of arabic subtitling on our app! You have to send your audio or video files, selecting carefully the language “Arabic” before.
It’s your turn to try!


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