Authôt, audiovisual partner of Pariscience


Authôt, audiovisual partner of Pariscience!

From the 1st to the 6th October 2015, the International Scientific Film Festival will take place in the National Museum of Natural History and in the Institut de Physique du Globe, in Paris. This film festival, Pariscience, provides the perspectives of science and cinema on different scientific disciplines and their issues into society over time. Every year, it presents the best of the French and International production on scientific programs.

It is organized by the Science & Television Association (AST), a group of independent production companies working to promote Science on television and contributes to reinforce interactions between audiovisual sector and the scientific world.

In eleven years, Pariscience has become an inescapable meeting of cinema and science fans. Climate and light are the two main themes this year.

Every year, around fifty films are presented for free to the public covering every scientific, technical and environmental themes, from astronomy to sustainable development, through life science, chemistry or physics.
Projections are followed by debates that bring together films crews (author, director, producer) and scientific experts. These screenings allow to approach science in an attractive and informative way in a spirit of listening and sharing with the public.

As an audiovisual partner, Authôt is pleased to participate to the 2015 edition of the Pariscience Festival!

Authôt is an online transcription software that transforms conversations into text and allows to put subtitles or captions on videos.
Its applications are post production transcription, videos subtitle to meet digital accessibility standards, and multimedia content indexation for a better natural indexing!

In this International Scientific Film Festival context, Authôt team provides translation of the application’s transcriptions and subtitles in the desired language.

Come discover Authôt technology and meet us at our booth on October 2nd!


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