Why choose an automatic and manual audio/video transcription?

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Today, human work and speech recognition technology used alone cannot give a reliable result for audio/video transcription. But by combining them: automatic and manual offer a 100% reliable and quality transcript. That’s what Authôt’s solution does!

We provide you an automatic audio/video transcription service with up to 95% reliability (depending on the recording conditions parasitic noises, reverberations and speaker’s speech). The remaining percentage can be completed manually; a native proofreader listens to the file and modifies words misunderstood by the system. He also corrects spelling errors and meets clients’specific instructions such as: adding capital letters, removing familiar expressions, etc.

What is the result?

The combination of the automatic and the manual optimizes the audio/video transcription method to the maximum. In this way, Authôt saves you time and money with the automatic system and offers you a quality final work, thanks to manual proofreading.
These advantages are valued by many of our clients, from Audiovisual Productions to Universities, Medias and Radios (watch our Case Studies).

3 reasons to transcribe automatically your audio and video with or without proofreading

1/ The technology

The Authôt solution is based on a multi-speaker and multilingual automatic speech recognition technology. This service allows you to easily convert an audio or video file into text. These can include interviews, conferences, short format communication videos for social networks, meetings, courses, radio or television programs.
fast video transcription
Moreover, one of the main advantages is the speed to transform an audio/video file into text. For a one hour file you will get the transcript in less than 13 minutes!
The Authôt application lists more than 40 available languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, German and more!

2/ An easy to use platform and adapted to your needs

This online platform allows you to enjoy a complete service:

 Quick and easy online registration. Access to your private user account (with free trial), where you can manage and edit all your content. Simplicity and security are guaranteed.

 Ease of sending with online upload and export of your files. Multiple formats are accepted on the application (DSS, MP3, WAV, MOV, MP4, WMA, etc. ). You can choose a specific FTP sending, for this case, please, contact us. Once the transcription is done, export your audio/video transcription in the desired format (SRT, DOCX, TXT, HTML etc. ).

 There is no size limit for the files you wish to transcribe on the platform.

 Access to the interactive online editor. It’s interactive because of the karaoke system that highlights every word you hear, making it easier for you to correct your text. In addition, you can synchronize the text with the audio/video as many times as you like, and then export it to your computer.

 Proofreading service. When you send a file, you can choose the human proofreading service and give any correction instructions you want. It’s that simple!

 Add a synchronization and burn-in subtitles service, as well as translation. The sales team listens to your needs and offers you a personalized service.

 Easy payment and service. With the online platform, the quotation request step becomes subsidiary. Log in and credit your project directly to your account! Transcription service system works with hours credits on your app. authôt. com account. Pricing are decreasing with the volume and credit is valid without time limit. (see pricing).

3/ Professional proofreaders

A team of native and specialized proofreaders is in charge of correcting your audio/video transcription, if necessary.

Simply request the proofreading service and you will have a dedicated professional proofreader who has a perfect knowledge of the platform. We work with selected freelancers to correct and verify both the quality and terminology of automatic transcription. Within approximately 48 hours, you will be able to view your audio/video transcription on the platform. Nevertheless, if you have urgent requests, please contact us directly.

You wish to preserve the naturalness of the speech? That’s what they do. You want to eliminate recording errors? They can also do that. You establish the guidelines through your « proofreading instructions » and they follow them.

In conclusion, you will have invested in a profitable service. This means that the cost is halved compared to manual work alone and you had time to work on other projects in parallel. We are delighted to be able to free your time and mind 😉

Tips for a successful audio/video transcription

video transcription proofreading

If your file is recorded with a good sound quality (see our FAQ), you can choose the automatic transcription service only and edit it yourself using our interactive online editor.

However, if you do not have the time or staff to do so, you can call on our team of proofreaders by choosing the proofreading service. Your audio transcript will be ready in no time!

On the other hand, if you have a poor quality audio file, (like parasitic noise or reverberations), we advise you to use the proofreading service directly.



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