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Dutch (Nederlands) is a West Germanic language spoken by around 23 million people as a first language (including most of the population of the Netherlands and about sixty percent of Belgium) and by another 5 million as a second language. It is the third most widely spoken Germanic language, after English and German. It is also the native language in Suriname.
Interesting fact, it exists an organisation called the Dutch Language Union founded on 9 September 1980 and composed by three members: Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname.
The Dutch Language Union defines what is an Algemeen Nederlands, or AN and what is not.

Dutch subtitles table                             Table showing the similarities between Dutch / Afrikaans / English / German / French

We will see in this article that dutch subtitles is essential due to the increasing number of videos online, notably videos about events and festivals.

Dutch subtitles for festivals and events videos on social networks

1) Online video today, in few figures

Video represents 70% of internet traffic and this number is increasing! Today, several applications and platforms broadcast videos everyday, according to the statistics:

  • 10 billion on Snapchat
  • 8 billion on Facebook
  • 4 billion on YouTube

  Thus, 22 billion of videos are viewed every day in the world. Moreover, according to YouTube statistics, video consumption on mobile increases by at least 100% from one year to the next on this platform.
Indeed, in France, YouTube is considered as Internet users’ favorite platform for listening to music online (49%) far ahead of Deezer and Spotify (25% together).
Top rated YouTube videos are mostly music videos (9 videos on 10).

2) The growing importance of festivals and events videos

Festivals, concerts, events are part of our daily lives and broadcasted on different channels like television but mostly on the Internet notably thanks to the mobile.
Online videos can be streamed by fans, generation Z loves to share moments it is living with its community. But professionals also post videos, a lot of events, artists and public figures have
official accounts.

For example, today Tomorrowland, it’s 971 videos on YouTube and almost 6 millions subscribers. Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Belgium. Created in 2005 this worldwide festival brings millions people every summer. In order to make backstages and interviews videos accessible, Dutch subtitles seem therefore essential.

Dutch subtitles, exclusively on Authôt application!

Authôt is a French start-up created in 2012 and specialized in the Automatic Transcription. Today we are present throughout Europe and we counting important customers in Belgium such as the RTBF.
Every sectors can be interested in our transcription and Dutch subtitles services: Audiovisual Productions, Medias, or festival and event organizations for their
videos posted on social networks.
If you have videos in Dutch and want to subtitle them in order to make them accessible to all, do not hesitate! Register yourself on app.authôt.com and send your files. Our automatic transcription system allows you to obtain easily, Dutch subtitles for your videos!


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