Editing subtitles on Aegisub: How to easily rework subtitles

editing subtitles

Our first article on Aegisub was dedicated to the basic understanding of the software. The aim was to show how to easily synchronize subtitles to the video. In this article, also dedicated to editing subtitles on Aegisub, we will show you how to rework subtitles before embedding them in your video. 

Indeed, many TV channels or company specialized in communication change the size and format of subtitles fonts. In particular for accessibility reasons. This is the case of Arte, which has chosen a specific editing subtitles. The subtitle file must comply with the EBU-N19 « Subtitling Data Exchange Format » standard. In accordance with ARTE’s artistic choice, the character generators are programmed to broadcast subtitles in yellow colour with double height letters. The Arte viewer service confirmed that « the choice of yellow subtitles is directly linked to a readability issue, in particular on black and white broadcasts.”

If you also want to change the format of your subtitles to make them accessible and meet international standards, you’ve come to the right place! The Aegisub software allows an easy and free editing subtitles.

Format modification and editing subtitles with Aegisub

You can change the color, format, font and video position of all or some subtitles.

a) To edit all subtitles

Click on the Edit button under the waves

editing subtitles Aegisub

You can change the font, size, put in bold, italic, etc., choose the color of the text (primary color), outline and shadow. You can change the size of the outline and shadow on the right. You can choose the position of the video in the Margins and Alignment sections.

b) To edit a single subtitle or an element of a subtitle

Above the text box, you have several buttons.

editing subtitles Aegisub software

You can put in bold, italic, etc. (a) elements of a subtitle by selecting the text in the text box and clicking on the corresponding buttons. You can change the font and size of a subtitle by clicking on the button (b). You can change the color of a subtitle (c), the color of its outline and the color of its shadow (d). You can change the position of a subtitle by clicking on the blue cross at the top right of the video. A small brown square appears. You can click on it and move it to move the subtitle.

 Subtitle recording with Aegisub software

Once you have completed your changes, simply save the changes of the editing subtitles: Save the changes clicking on File , then Save subtitles, to keep the .srt format.

Warning! Reminder for subtitles intended to be embedded in the video. They should be saved in.ass format (Save as) and not.srt. Why? Because if they are saved in .srt, format changes will be lost. Thus, even if the format (font, etc.) of the subtitles remains the same, to overlay, it will be necessary that the subtitle is converted to.ass. To do this, simply go to « Save As » in the menu.

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