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German subtitling : Authôt launches new languages!

german subtitling                                                         « Do you speak German? »

Germany is the most popular country in the world (BBC surveys in May 2013, GfK in November 2014 and US News in January 2016). It is also an emblematic country in the European Union, as it is for France, Germany is one of the founding member States. With nearly 100 million speakers in Europe, German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union (EU).

Culture and media in Europe: the importance of German subtitling

As we have seen, German language has a prominent place and a major part in Europe.
Germany published 93,600 books in 2013 and is the world’s fifth power in the publishing industry. 10% of books published each year are in German. In addition, German is the fourth most widely spoken language on the Internet (5. 5%) ahead of Spanish (5. 1%) and French (4. 1%).
It also seems interesting to focus on the links between France and Germany which is strong and borrowed from History. For a long time enemies, the two countries signed a treaty of Franco-German friendship, known as the Treaty of the Elysee, on January 22, 1963. The date of January 22 is now recognized as the « Franco-German Day« . We can also highlight the case of the Franco-German Academy of Cinema, initiated by German Chancellor Schröder on 26 June 2000 in Berlin in the presence of Jacques Chirac.
The purpose of this Academy is to promote cooperation between the two countries in the field of cinema. It should be noted that Germany hosts « La Berlinale » every year since February 1951. This festival is one of the three main international film festivals with Cannes and Venice.

German subtitling is therefore essential in the establishment of this cultural exchange!

Authôt offers German subtitling on its app!

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Authôt is a French start-up well established for almost 5 years. Today, 250 clients trust us for their projects of transcriptions and subtitling. Among them, Authôt relies on audiovisual productions and major media such as TV5 Monde or Condé Nast.
Like the media and the audiovisual sector, German subtitling represents also an interest for Education with MOOC’s. Authôt is indeed a technology supported and used by the French Ministry of National Education.
Present in many sectors, Authôt is therefore the key partner in German subtitling!
So, join them and send your audio or video content in German on the app! Just select the language in the sending module, then our German subtitling system will translate it into text.


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