How to subtitle your Live conferences on Zoom?

How to subtitle your Live conferences on Zoom?


After 55 days of confinement, we are trying to get back to our professional activities. And as not everything can be solved with a magic wand, we must remain vigilant and continue to respect the gestures that are barriers. Many events, trade shows and conferences have been cancelled or postponed to next year. As gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited, many organizers have decided to change the format. To overcome these restrictions, some events are now taking place online. In a previous article, we told you how to get the transcript of your Zoom meeting using Authôt APP. Today, we will show you how to subtitle your Zoom meeting with Authôt Live.

How to make your conferences accessible with Authôt Live?

To make your conferences accessible to everyone, you can subtitle them or automatically translate what your foreign speakers say.

Activate subtitles on Zoom

First, you need to go to your account settings and then to the advanced settings of your meetings to allow a third party to add closed captions.

Once your meeting has started, you can now access the subtitles. After enabling them, all you need to do is retrieve the API key (by copying the API token) and go to Authôt Live.

Subtitle Live with Authôt Live

Now that you are logged in to Authôt Live, you need to create a New Live. In the advanced settings you will be able to paste the resulting API token into your Zoom virtual room. Validate the settings and start your Live. That’s it!

Note that if you create a Live with a translation, the automatic translation will be used to generate your subtitles on Zoom.

Change the display of your subtitles on Zoom.

Zoom offers different display modes for your subtitles.

To do so, go to the « Accessibility » tab of your conference settings.

Manage the audio of the different speakers

In order to be able to subtitle all your speakers, we advise you to create your conference with a third party account (or a moderator account). Most online conferences are created by the moderator, but the moderator cannot be everywhere.

When creating your conference, you must change the audio settings on your microphone (Stereo Mix) in order to be able to capture all interactions.

You will need to perform the same manipulation before starting your Live, to do so go to your computer’s audio settings.

  • C:/Windows/Settings/System/Sound

Then choose the Stereo Mix input device, you can now start your Live.

Your lecture will be subtitled and translated if you have opted for this option. You will also have a transcript that you can export from your account in Authôt Live.

Example of automatic translation

conference organized by Belco

View your conference transcript

conference organized by Belco


The quality of your subtitles will greatly depend on the quality of the audio (a poor quality microphone can degrade the result of the transcription and/or translation) and your internet speed. We recommend a minimum upload rate of 5 Mbit per second with a TCP protocol.


If you would like to know more about the use of subtitles for your meetings, conferences or debates, do not hesitate to contact us!

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