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Today, more and more conferences, programmes and debates are broadcast live on video channels and social networks. It is known as « live stream« . The event is thus broadcast in real time to a large audience, on all types of devices and from anywhere in the world. Subtitle your event in the language of your choice is essential to target a worldwide audience. Transcription and live translation is the approved solution!


Live translation and subtitling with the automatic transcription technology!

Before you can add subtitling and live translation, there are two essential steps: You must first convert the audio into text. For this, several solutions are possible but automatic transcription is the easiest and fastest.
Then comes the stage of live translation.

First step: quickly and faithfully transcribe your speech

Automatic transcription is the “speech to text” transformation process. Transcription is aimed at writing literally the speech word by word. When this work is done manually it is boring and fastidious. It is estimated that one hour of video is approximately 7 hours of transcription. That is why automatization allows to win time and productivity! It is now possible thanks to the voice recognition technology. This step generates live subtitles in the speaker’s language.

Second step: Live Translation

Automatic translation designates the text (or audio conversation, live or off-line) translation done by one or several computer programs, without any human translator intervention. This process is very different from Computer Assisted Translation which is partially manual, possibly with machine interaction. Automatic translation system uses automatic transcription to translate original words of the speaker in the desired language. Authôt is required for subtitling and translating lecture courses, MOOCs and conferences.This is why we developed our Live Translation system. We now have 7 languages available including English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Trust our 100% French voice recognition technology!

How does live transcription and translation work?

The operation is very simple, just have a computer connected to the Authôt live page and connect a microphone. The computer will then start the live recording and capture the speech thanks to the microphone. This « live stream » is automatically transcribed into text and displayed on the Authôt live page. There are two types of pages:

– the first one that will display all the text continuously,
– the second page is all green with just below a black square where the last sentence said is displayed.

The conference broadcasters will take the screen from the second page and remove the green background to, instead, put the image from their video source.
As a result, it is enough to press a button to launch the live event and bring out the text transcribed and translated on a web page.

Here’s how Authôt’s live transcription and translation works!

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