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Specialist in “Speech to Text” technology, we offer you an online platform for automatic transcription and subtitling.

  1. You send your audio or video file on Authôt APP and quickly access the transcription in the text editor.
  2. Then, you can easily navigate through the text and make any changes and corrections using the “karaoke tracking system”.
    If you have sent a video, the online editor enables you to view it. That’s very useful for your proofreading work.
  3. Once this review is completed, you can export the transcription in the format of your choice (.doc, .txt, .timecode, .html or .srt for subtitles).

The automatic transcription’s quality strongly depends on the recording conditions (parasitic noises, reverberations and speaker’s speech). Our solution is 95% reliable on high quality files.
Currently Authôt APP can transcribe about forty languages. When sending your audio/video file, select the language of your file. If there are several languages in the same file then you will have to send it several times by selecting one of the languages each time.


Many of you have neither the time, nor the envy to correct or proofread the automatic transcription, then trust us!
We offer a professional and faithful to your words transcription with our proofreading service.

1. Send your audio or video file on authot.app by selecting “with proofreading” option.
2. You will obtain the transcript created by our system, then corrected and validated by our team of proofreaders and validators.
3. Then, you can export it in the format of your choice (.doc, .txt, timecode, .html or .srt for subtitles).

We work with a hundred professionals in the different languages offered. They are typists, writers or translators (native speakers).

Transcription services system works with hours credits on your Authôt APP account. The credit is deducted to the nearest second and is valid without time limit. You can view your account balance from the My Account.

For more information on file formats accepted by the application and all export possibilities: View the document



You want professional subtitles or captions for your videos? This synchronization service is made for you

Our operational team manually reworks the subtitle in order to calibrate it correctly to the video. Then, we deliver the subtitle file to you, in the format of your choice (.srt, .vtt, .ass).

Burn-in subtitles

In addition, you want to embed directly subtitles on your video? We offer you to “burn” them in the video. 

It is possible to customize your video with a particular formatting of these subtitles (font, specific color, size, outline, positioning).


We offer a translation service with over 100 language combinations. Make your videos accessible worldwide with multilingual subtitling. Trust our network of native professional translators to translate your audio or video files.

Video subtitling services are customizable according to your projects and needs.


Automatic Transcription

Based on our experience, we have developed a live transcription application. You can transcribe in Live your conferences, lessons, talks, online courses… or even subtitle your content in Live.

1. Log in to https://authot.live/

2. Connect the audio from your Live to your computer and configure it.

3. Your transcript is displayed in real time.

4. When your Live is finished, you can export your transcript as a .txt file.

Automatic Translation

Getting its content accessible to everyone is an issue we work on on a daily basis. 

Authôt Live allows you to translate your transcription in Live in about fifteen languages. This allows you to widen your international audience!  


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