Podcast emergence: makes the difference!

Podcast emergence: makes the difference!



Podcast emergence: makes the difference!

Podcasting is gradually emerging in France. Highly adopted by English-speaking countries, this specific audio format has many advantages for brands and companies. By adopting audio communication now for your products and services, you could make a difference.

Podcast: the comeback of audio in full swing

First, it should be noted that podcasting is a specific medium that includes audio and promotes accessibility to certain programs, information… So, what is a podcast? What explains its emergence and possibilities today?
According to podmust.com, « a podcast is an audio creation that can be listened to from anywhere, anytime ». The creation of the word podcast is a contraction of iPod and « broadcast ». Apple seized the term and made it public in 2005 by introducing it into its music software, iTunes. By extension, the famous high-tech brand thus offers its own definition: podcasts are « free programs that you can download and read, like a radio or TV series. You can download individual episodes or subscribe to receive them automatically as soon as they are released.
What is interesting with the podcast is its accessibility, its format which responds to many themes… you only need headphones and a smartphone to access a wide range of information on different topics, while being outside, doing something else… It saves time and offers dynamism.
Today, nearly 40% of French people have already listened to podcasts. With this growing success of podcasting, a « Paris Podcast Festival » has even been created.
You can insert the podcast into your entire strategy and editorial line: on YouTube in the form of a « fixed » video on your blog, your social networks.

Podcast: for better content accessibility

Thus, the podcast format appeals to audiences but also to advertisers, who use it for several strategies: highlight its expertise, rely on emotion to generate audience support, facilitate audience immersion… Three cases of brands that have adopted the podcast.
First, LVMH with its audio series « Les Confidences Particulières », hosted by journalist Julien Cernobori. This podcast will meet the luxury craftsmen and the group’s key people.
Then, the jeweller Gemmyo who launched the podcast « Chachalove ». This podcast dedicated to love and relationships is a way to focus on affect and create a more intimate relationship between customers and the brand.
In another area, Echo was launched by the French Air Force. Inspired by the American TV series Serial. Echo presents situations inspired by the soldiers’ daily lives in order to recruit new soldiers. The only trap to avoid is falling into an advertising side. The presence on the podcast must be intuitive, narrative… it is a new form of communication in its own way.
In particular, the strength of podcasting over writing of a blog article or radio recording lies in the fact that it is accessible to any pace and profile.
Moreover, in this emergence and use of podcasting, it is particularly interesting to transcribe the text of an audio to obtain keywords and contribute to a good natural referencing (SEO) on the Google search engine.
Thus, the podcast has six major advantages:
1. It reduces the rebound rate
2. It is used as a cross-media tool, it can be broadcast on several channels
3. It creates content that can be used several times
4. It brings variety to your content
5. It can be listened to infinitely, on several media and can be paused
6. It delivers your message to people who do not like or cannot read

Podcast: a format conducive to digital accessibility

As you have noticed, the podcast can thus be articulated with video or written content… The goal being to keep the best, but also the mixture of these different media.
Authôt contributes to enhancing podcasting and the accessibility of different types of content through its automatic audio and video transcription service.
The combination of automatic and manual operation optimizes the audio transcription method to the maximum.
Therefore, it is also interesting to link a text to an audio recording using an html file (synchronization of playback to audio using the time tags of each word).
This makes it easier for people with visual disabilities (audio) or hearing disabilities (written) to access the Internet digitally. The « reading » is then simplified thanks to the podcast.
So, don’t hesitate to use the podcast format as an element of differentiation. Despite its emergence, not all French companies have adopted it yet.
By using Authôt‘s technological tool, you can easily extract the best editorial support for your podcasts.
If your file has a good sound quality, you can only choose the automatic transcription service and do the revision yourself using our interactive online editor. It’s quick, easy and you have the opportunity to proofread and correct it in the online editor. Then, you will only have to export it in.html format to have the tracking system in « karaoke » mode… By listening and reading this way, anyone can follow your content!
It is no coincidence that podcasts are nowadays a differentiation format that makes it possible to stand out and is promoted by major groups. Voice is still surprising us and contributing to accessibility. For example, personal home assistants, such as Google Assistant or Alexa from Amazon, will undoubtedly contribute to an explosion of podcasts.
In short, the emergence of podcasting is due to increased digital accessibility. Podcasting is a successful format with multiple possibilities for all sectors of activity. By adopting the audio and format of the podcast then coupling it with automatic transcription, you gain credibility and contribute to the accessibility of content for all. The audio and podcast format are a real opportunity in the long term.

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