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Portuguese subtitling : Portuguese/Brazil flag

Authôt invite you to discover its last news: Portuguese subtitling!

Just like spanish, galician and catalan, portuguese is part of latines languages. Portuguese is spoken on all continents. It’s actually one of the most spoken language worldwilde. Moreover, an UNESCO research estimates that in 2050, almost 335 millions people will speak Portuguese, particulary because of the growth of Brazil.

Portuguese subtitling : key element for culture, sport and international relations

This is clearly a booming for the Portuguese speaking countries, it makes Portuguese subtitling attractive on diverse topics:

  • Cultural perspective: It’s a symbol in South America, the télénovelas(spanish word composed of the word “télévision” which means “television” and “novelas” which means “novel”) are more and more present in audiovisual landscape: in North America and Europe. Some successful US TV shows are adapted from telenovelas like “Jane the Virgin” (Juana la Virgen) or “Ugly Betty” (Yo soy Betty). The first télénovela: Sua vida me pertence”, came from Brazil and was diffused in 1951. However, majority of telenovelas are not adapted, and they are broadcasted directly on the European channels. But they are suffering from a terrible dubbing, with an offset between voice/move, and a very bad choice for voices (for example, an adult voice for a child).
    Adding Portuguese subtitling to replace dubbing could allow spectators which speak Portuguese to appreciate their TV shows in the original version 🙂 Moreover, Authôt also offers translation, subtitles could then be available in English.
  • CR7
  • Sporting perspective: We can’t talk about football without thinking about Brazilians victories. Brazil is indeed the nation which has won the largest number of FIFA World Cup, having proudly 5 stars on their football jersey. Brazil was also the host country of the two biggest sportive events: FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016. Portugal also shines on the football planet thanks to the victory of the Euro 2016 but also thanks to its star Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 adding this year a fourth Ballon d’Or trophy to its list.
    In England, There is another famous Portuguese, Jose Mourinho, the Manchester United’s coach.
    Interviews are frequently in English, then translation and Portuguese subtitling could allow a better comprehension for millions of Portuguese-speakers.
  • Business perspective: Portuguese is one of the official language in numerous International organisms like European Union, African Union (AU), the Organization of American States (OAS), or the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) etc. Brazil wants to promote and develop an organic farming, in these conditions, several Europeans companies and startups establish economic and trade relations with this country. Of course, as part of trade exchange, the comprehension of the language is essential. The Portuguese subtitling is then the key for internal and external communication.

Authôt offers Portuguese subtitling on its app!

Authôt is specialized in Automatic transcription (Speech to Text) since 5 years. Active across Europe, 300 companies now trust us for their transcriptions, subtitling and translations’ projects. Among them, we can find the Audiovisual Productions or Large Media Institutions like RTBF or Condé Nast, the Private Companies like Total, or the Education sector with Open Classroom for MOOC’s. Portuguese subtitling is a real advantage for all these sectors!
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