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Professionals: win productivity with transcription system for sales!

transcription system

Companies employing door-to-door salesmen, are subject to tougher documentation and reporting requirements. They require therefore a simple and useful method to obtain detailed reports.

Most of the time, field salesmen or engineers write their notes very quickly and poorly during or after their meetings, and only after they typing up into their computer. Then, these reports are sent to transcription providers or directly to their managers.

These approaches present some disadvantages:

  • The time spent: reports transcription on the field can be long, tedious and limit the number of customers’ meetings.
  • The quality: often note writing is quick, sometimes information can be forgotten.
  • The productivity impact: to provide maximum customers’ needs satisfaction, salesmen have to spend more time in the field. Therefore, administrative management has to be limited.

Salesmen tasks in a day are very diverse (meeting, prospecting, customer loyalty, reporting). To optimize their time, professionals contact customers on their way (appointment booking, loyalty management etc…)

However, since the 1st of July of 2015, earphones, headsets or even hands-free kit are banned for drivers. This law will change their way of working and undoubtedly increase their workload.

With this new measure, companies will have to innovate!

Their objective: to reduce administrative tasks while optimizing the turnover

The solution is a transcription system for sales using an automatic, voice recognition technology.
Authôt application designed for these itinerant professionals, answers the problem. This is a real productivity tool allowing to record reports with a multi-speakers voice recognition technique, without learning.

Thanks to this technology, the salesman can send on the online platform his report in an audio format and the transcription system for sales will automatically transcribe it into a text format.


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