Speech to text is a communication help when wearing a mask.

Speech to text is a communication help when wearing a mask.


At Authôt, we value Speech To Text. So, after analyzing speech recognition technology, how to produce content faster using Speech To Text, or why choose this technology for your meetings, we go further. In a more current and specific topic. Why and how speech to text is a communication help when wearing a mask.

Speech to text: an incredible communication technology

First of all, let’s recall what « Speech To Text » is all about. Literally, it is transforming an oral message into text. It is based on speech recognition and transcription.

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This speech recognition technology transforms speech into text, in an automated way. Indeed, in order to eventually allow machines to chat with us in a natural way thanks in particular to artificial intelligence. There is one key process.

A fundamental step consists in converting the speech signal produced by humans into a set of symbols and texts that can be assimilated by the machine.

An Automatic Speech Transcription system is a set of computer programs that converts an oral utterance captured by a microphone into a text. A written text must be as similar as possible to what a human would have faithfully transcribed manually.

The automatically produced text can then be proofread and corrected.

Why this is a solution in these times of health crisis

Speech To Text is then a valuable help to communication when wearing a mask. A solution in these times of health crisis. Indeed, the technology of speech to text could well make the difference in a communication when one wears a mask in these times of Covid-19. Why?

This is an idea that has been highlighted by twinfm.com. In fact, we can’t clearly have all the communication codes because of the masks especially the visual communication codes. So it is interesting to use external supports and new technologies.

A very interesting example to highlight is currently being developed in the UK.

Speech to text, communication and mask wearing

To help overcome the various communication problems caused by wearing surgical and protective masks, procedures need to be put in place. The security entity « Corps Security » has begun integrating a « pilot project » that equips security officers with « Speech To Text » and translation tools.

Forty Corps security officers at retail sites in Birmingham, Cheltenham and Exeter have access to the transcription functionality turning audio into text. This gives them access to the ability to also translate written text and oral conversations between two different living languages. All services are accessible through a mobile application that runs offline. This eliminates the recurring problem for them of needing an internet connection.

Reduce communication problems

This implementation of « Speech To Text » technology within the « Corps » was done to reduce the communication problems caused by currently wearing a mask to protect oneself from the Covid-19.

In particular, to address the fact that individuals with hearing impairments may have significant difficulty understanding a security officer wearing a mask. This is because the mask hides facial expressions and lip movement. As a result, a person with a hearing impairment can no longer lip-read or visually determine the person they are speaking to.

Therefore, the integration of this technology ensures that security officers can effectively deliver critical safety and information messages about the Covid-19. To be able to make sure that while respecting the measures of social distancing, that their information is perfectly understood by a citizen.

The Speech To Text: breaking the barriers to understand each other

It also provides teams, clients and the public with a tool to help them highlight any concerns and ask questions when the mask can potentially also « inhibit » their own verbal communication.

According to Neil Shanks, National Account Manager for Corps Security, the integration of this « technology could be a key differentiator in ensuring that security information within the Covid is understood and integrated”.

When language barriers arise, the speech translation feature provides automatic translation of both speeches as each person speaks. So there is no need to take turns when using a translation tool. In fact, the written text translation service offers an « alternative flow of communication ». The intention is to allow a security officer to understand what a person is trying to communicate and thus help that person feel reassured. It is important to ensure that what the person is saying has been clearly understood.

Mike Bullock, Chief Executive Officer of Corps Security said, « Integrating this transcription and translation functionality means our officers are in a stronger position to support our customers and the public, and it helps us improve the quality of our service. We can ensure that important security information is « transmitted » in a time when health communication and security measures are paramount!

So it’s even more than just an help for « Speech To Text » at the moment!

A very interesting practical case that can be widely used for inspiration.

All in all, speech to text is a communication aid when wearing a mask and it is not necessarily a use that one might have thought of at the outset. If you would like to use our platform and benefit from our expertise in speech to text, do not hesitate to contact us!


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