Authôt offers sync audio to text technolgy to its videos and podcasts

Authôt unveils its secrets in video with the sync audio to text technique

sync audio to text

It is not a secret anymore, video is the great winner on the web this last decade. Indeed, video represents around 70% of content on the Internet, internauts currently watch at least one online video per month, and the numbers are steadily increasing.
In this context, visual and sound are privileged in comparison to the text. This is why Authôt offers, in its blog, articles in the form of
podcast with the sync audio to text.

Authôt presentation video with transcription and the sync audio to text

Today, presentation video is essential on a website to allow the company having a better visibility. A video increases the time visitors spend on a website by 2 minutes. Impact is also positive because videos boost product understanding by 74%.
Then, Authôt wanted to have a presentation video and decided to call upon the french start-up, Topo Video to make it. Indeed, our wish was to simplify our services in order to make them more accessible to professionals and consumer.
Well, we invite you here to discover the Authôt presentation video with the sync audio to text technology.

Make your blogs more attractive thanks to the sync audio to text

sync audio to text Authôt

Having a blog is a big part of the content strategy marketing for companies. It’s included in the inbound marketing, it means, attract users on a website thanks to quality content and interesting keywords. According to Hubspot :

  • 60% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.
  • Podcast listening grew 23% between 2015 and 2016
  • 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts.

In order to give its blog more attractive and highlight its technology, Authôt adds to its podcats the sound and the sync audio to text. This technique, allows to articles and video to be easily and intuitively navigable by users
Here are the steps to follow:

1) Prepare your article in your usual text editor
2) With a digital recorder, proceed to your article recording (find a quiet place). Transfer this .mp3 file on your computer
3) Send it on app.authô to realize the automatic transcription
4) Copy and paste your formatted text (1st step) in the app
text editor then click on “align”.
Export in .HTLM
6) Finally you can
insert your .HTML file and your audio on WordPress for example.

That’s it, thanks to Authôt application, you can easily add to your blogs the sync audio to text in order to make them more attractive and allow a better referencing!
It’s your turn to try!


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