The benefits of creating marketing videos

The benefits of creating marketing videos


We continue with our marketing tips. After having seen the different types of content on social networks, here we talk more about videos. Indeed, among the plethora of possible content formats for your business, each has its advantages and disadvantages. And since everything is an excuse to produce content, you might as well choose the right formats. The advantages of creating videos in marketing are numerous…and this, whatever your field! Ready to learn more about the success of video? Let’s get started!

The video format

First of all, the video format is a visual format, it is a processing and transmission of images and signals. In the cinema industry, on television, on the web and in companies, it is a very popular format. Its success is no coincidence, as it has many advantages and benefits. Both in terms of entertainment and advertising.

Thus, according to the, today it is « essential to resort to a strategy integrating video marketing« . Indeed, « obtaining better visibility and working on one’s image are essential for developing one’s business […] making a brand’s services or products known« .

So why? So what are the benefits of videos?

  • The public is consuming videos for longer and longer;
  • Customers prefer to watch, listen, rather than read;
  • Today, video distribution is more accessible to everyone;
  • The video format is less expensive than before;
  • It allows us to create proximity…

In fact, the advantages are both technical and budgetary, as well as with regard to prospects and customers. The advantages of videos in marketing for brands are numerous and varied.

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Videos are trendy in marketing

Videos are not only a trend in marketing, but the statistics are also climbing!

According to, « Internet users want more video and it’s up to businesses to adapt if they don’t want to be left behind by the digital evolution« . By 2021, 82% of global internet traffic will be video. This includes entertainment, educational and corporate videos.

So, apart from its intrinsic benefits, why do videos appeal so much?

In fact, videos are naturally more conducive to engagement than some text-based content. The movement, the dynamism of the video holds and keeps the attention. That’s why, as a company, as a brand, you need to leverage the marketing power of video. You need to reach out to your ideal customer in formats that appeal to them.

Video: excellent for testing products before buying

For example, videos are excellent for discovering, « testing » products, seeing them in action, before making a purchase. Indeed, consumers need to familiarise themselves with the characteristics of a product, its uses, its strengths and weaknesses before buying. This makes video the ideal tool for your marketing. You can create many types of marketing videos. Indeed, you can for example show the backstage, make presentation videos, explanations, show the origins and even make tutorials…! Your customers will be delighted!

How to use video

How to use video

To create and use video for your entity, there is not necessarily always a need to invest a lot of money. Indeed, you can start by creating videos with your smartphone and a simple video editing tool like IMovie, InVideo. You can then share your creations for free on social networks and via YouTube… This should allow you to gain visibility, traffic, follow-up and sales! Later on, you can use professional software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and call on technical teams.

Moreover, a great strength of video is its role in natural referencing SEO. Indeed, thanks to a mix between your videos, their textual descriptions and the editorial content of your website, you will progressively gain places on Google. The aim is to work on your YouTube channel and your videos so that your consumers are redirected to your website.

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Videos and natural referencing SEO

This is what we also call organic traffic That is to say that this free traffic will naturally allow you to gain prospects from their requests on Google and YouTube.

Therefore, to optimize your videos, remember to use precise, short and keyworded titles, add links to your video or include essential information.

At the same time, depending on the size of your company, your budget and your communication campaigns, you can of course also do paid online advertising via videos. This is an excellent way of targeting your prospects, regardless of their place of residence, age or origin. To be effective, don’t forget to set the objectives of your ads beforehand. Then, carefully analyze the traffic and returns following your video ads.

Authôt contributes to your marketing videos

Content Marketing

At Authôt, we can help you make your videos more accessible! In fact, we offer three options for your videos:

  • Synchronized subtitles;
  • Integrated subtitles ;
  • Translation.

For the first option, our technical team manually works on each subtitle in order to correctly calibrate them to your video. The subtitle file is delivered in the format of your choice: .srt, .vtt or .ass.

In addition, if you want the subtitles to be directly in the video, our overlay option is available! In this case, we embed the subtitles directly into the original video file…

Finally, we also offer to translate your videos thanks to our service composed of a hundred native professionals. By translating your videos with multilingual subtitles you can really make a difference to your marketing. Everything is tailor-made, on demand, according to your needs.

In short, the benefits of creating marketing videos are considerable. If you would like to benefit from our expertise and know-how for your branded audiovisual projects, contact our team now!

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