Assets of automatic transcription with voice recognition software!


automatic transcription

The competitive advantages of automatic transcription with voice recognition software!

Hello, our topic today is the automatic transcription.
First of all, what is automatic transcription?
Automatic transcription means to transform automatically speech to text with voice recognition software.


Why use automatic transcription?

Transcription is rewriting word to word. It is necessary in multiple lines of businesses as Medias, Public Institutions, and audiovisual Productions. For examples, journalists, secretaries, post-producers or phDstudents need to extract speech from an audio or video content as a conference, a meeting, a speech or an interview.

It is a tedious, boring but necessary task for having a high value work at the end. The fact that it is an automatic system, saves time. Indeed, listen the record, pause it, manually transcribe and do it all again is no longer necessary.

Automatic transcription allows you to devote to your core business.

A journalist, for example, could take all his time to work on his chronicles and reports rather than transcribe his interviews. Moreover, an automatic quality transcription prevents omissions and translation errors.
The result is comprehensive and with the best productivity rate. Based on our experience feedback, this rate is 25 to 50 per cent higher.

This automatic transcription software has other advantages especially when transcription is under the video or soundtrack.
These benefits are for instance,
media content indexation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To make it simple, it will put you on the top in Google and in general you could appear on the first page.
Automatic transcription also
meets digital accessibility standards because you give access to deaf or hard of hearing people, to your media content. Do not forget digital accessibility laws and regulations whichpeople with these disabilities have the right to full participation, including access to information and communications technologies and systems, as a website.

With the automatic transcription system of Authôt, you can also get automatic subtitles with a speech to text alignment and timecodes.

Once again, save time for your core business and we already said it but, prevent you from omissions or translation errors, for subtitles this is more than necessary!

Authôt, you speak, we write.