The different possible uses of Authôt Live

The different possible uses of Authôt Live


Authôt Live is the solution to transcribe your content live! After having presented you the live languages available via the tool, how to transcribe a Facebook Live or how to subtitle a Zoom conference Live, we go even further here. Indeed, we now discuss the different possible uses of Authôt Live. Because, do you really know them?

Authôt Live: transcribe automatically and Live

To begin, let’s remind you what Authôt Live is. In fact, it is a new tool for automatic live transcription. Indeed, based on our experience, we have done everything possible to make automatic transcription in real time possible. It can be done directly live for certain types of content such as debates, conferences, courses… In addition, you can also subtitle your live content. The process is very simple: you log into the application, you create your Live. The transcription is displayed in real time! Once the Live is completed, you can export your transcribed file automatically.

As a result, Authôt Live can be used in various contexts: corporate, educational, training, but also entertainment, events… Everything is possible!

The necessity of Live

The creation and the different possible uses of Authôt Live were born out of current problems and needs. It was absolutely necessary to have a high-performance tool accessible online in order to meet this need for Live broadcasting. Indeed, nowadays and even more so with the current health crisis there is a real desire and priority to go Live, with the same content accessible to everyone at the same time, without waiting and with the least possible intermediaries. So improving existing technologies and incorporating this responsiveness, this « present » had become essential… And today it is a reality!

Authôt Live is an online tool. You don’t need to download anything, you can use it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection! Create Live in an accessible way, without having to worry too much about the technical requirements.

According to, in audiovisuals, Live broadcasting is « a program broadcast instantaneously, without being pre-recorded« . This is also known as Live… It is an immediate link with the audience.

Live is trendy

In fact, in addition to the Lives via social networks, today all major media have started Live broadcasts. TF1, France 2, France 5, BFMTV, CNEWS, Francetvinfo… All these TV channels have understood that consumers like to be able to watch their channels from their tablet, their computer, their smartphone and Live! They like to know directly what’s going on. We are in an era of multi-screen and instaneity.

What’s more, today with the speed of digital technologies, the user likes to access information directly, without waiting for specific program slots… So two current uses confirm here the interest once again of Authôt Live which is in line with current trends :

  • An online, dematerialized access;
  • A considerable interest in Live contents.

Moreover, Netflix has also understood this, as they even launched a live « television channel » recently in France!

In addition, in general, it was necessary to be able to adapt because more and more events are also taking place Live.

There are many platforms for broadcasting Live and online events but they lack the features for transcription, subtitling and translation.

Live translation with Authôt Live

In order to complete and make all your content accessible internationally, adding Live translation functionality was an obvious and seamless addition to our existing automated services.

For automatic translation, here is the list of languages available. Be aware about the source language of your Live spoken language must be included in this list :

  • French ;
  • English;
  • Russian;
  • Japanese;
  • Polish;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish;
  • German;
  • Portuguese ;
  • Chinese;
  • Dutch.

Don’t panic if the foreign language of your project does not appear in this list! Authôt Live is in constant improvement and you can always contact our team for your specific requests.

Nevertheless, the list is already considerable, isn’t it?

The different possible uses for Authôt Live

We are in an era where we are overwhelmed by online content. It’s quite simple, it’s all there! In concrete terms, the amount of content to be made available online is both extremely diverse and infinite. In fact, you can make speeches, games, quizzes, courses, meetings, debates, training courses… accessible!

Applied in a professional environment, Authôt Live clearly allows you to gain in professionalism, efficiency and therefore profitability!

For the Culture and Entertainment World, Authôt Live makes shows, works, exhibitions directly accessible, while staying at home.

How Authôt Live works

Whether you plan to use Authôt Live as a speaker or just a spectator, here is a summary of how our tool works.

Depending on the type of event you wish to host or follow, you will need to make a few additional settings, including the input parameters of your microphone. You can access these parameters in the following way:

Under Windows:

  • click on the « Start Menu » and then on « Settings ».
  • once in the settings, select « System » then « Sound ».
  • select your audio device in the « Input » category

Under Mac:

  • click on the « Menu » then on « System Preferences ».
  • once in the preferences, select « Sound ».
  • go to the « Input » tab to select your device.

Face-to-face lectures

If the speakers in your conference do not interact with each other and take turns speaking within a clearly defined framework, then you can select the internal microphone (audio mixing) of your computer if it is connected to your control room. The incoming audio streams will then be transcribed by Authôt Live.

Single speaker conferences

For a conference with only one speaker, you can use an external microphone to obtain a good quality transcription. Once plugged in, the microphone will appear in the input devices. If you do not have an external device, you can use your computer’s microphone. However, the transcription may be affected by ambient noise.

Multi-speaker conferences

For a webinar or a conference with several speakers, we advise you to launch your Live from a computer that will only be used for this task. This will save you from having to perform various manipulations (change of computer, connection to be made …). This computer will act as a moderator. For instance, all audio streams will be captured and transcribed by Authôt Live. To do this, simply select Audio Mixing as the input device in Windows. The audio mix (or stereo mix) is the computer’s internal microphone. Under Mac you don’t have to do anything (device detection is automatic) unless other microphones are connected to your computer. You will have to either unplug them or select Internal Microphone in the system settings.


As a spectator or participant, you do not have to perform any manipulation if the speaker has granted you the right to connect to his Live. On the other hand, if you wish to obtain the transcription or translation of a video or podcast online on a website or on YouTube, you just have to choose the Audio Mix or the Internal Microphone before launching your Live. This setting then allows you to transcribe the audio captured by your computer, so you will have the transcription and/or translation of the content.

Please note that some computers do not have an internal microphone, so you will need to use an adapter to capture audio from your programs. Or re-install the manufacturer’s audio driver that may have been uninstalled by Windows.

The different options of a Live

Each Live is accessible in your personal space. In the  » My Lives  » tab, each Live is indicated by a specific title. Of course, the choice of the language spoken during the Live is important. You can choose among about fifteen languages and you can therefore use several of them.

If you wish, you can translate your Live content automatically. But if you don’t need it, you can launch your Live without it.

An important point among the possible uses of Authôt Live is the display options. Indeed, the Live transcription and the translation if chosen are automatically sent to the Live viewers.

If you want to correct your transcription you can, but this will add extra time in processing and sending your data.

Finally, for the transcription, you have two possibilities:

  • Automatic scrolling: the display window adapts in real time and all the sentences of the transcription remain visible ;
  • Real-time contextual adjustment: the transcription is displayed word by word and then an adjustment is made as you go along .

So you have a wide choice of uses for Authôt Live!

Authôt Live can answer any kind of project or even integrate with existing internal tools thanks to the API.

We hope this article will help you to better understand the different uses of Authôt Live. If you are a media, an agency, a school, a company and you think that Authôt Live could be interesting for your business, do not hesitate to ask our team!

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