The importance of good spelling


According to a survey revealed by Le Parisien in 2019, « 52% of HRDs ensure that the level of spelling plays a role in excluding applications and that it has now become a real selection criterion ». This figure is significant on the importance of spelling in the workplace. Thus, it is essential to spell your texts correctly, from any source, audio, video… A correctly written message is much more than just a sign of credibility and quality.

The importance of spelling correction

Spelling, good writing, respect for grammar and pronunciation of words constitute a set of skills and professional techniques. Thus, different professionals can intervene on this subject: French teachers, therapists, linguists, journalists, editors…

Therefore, it is essential to keep a good spelling for written content. This implies the credibility of the content, the entity, the message delivered…

In France, the problem of bad spelling is much more frequent than we think. Hence the need to respond with quality to this essential need in the workplace.

According to bien-é, « nine out of ten emails contain spelling mistakes. Between 2010 and 2015, the percentage of French people who master spelling rules decreased from 51% to 45%. Mistakes in a text are considered to be marks of negligence or a lack of consideration.

In fact, in a professional context, writing is an act of communication. Mistakes in a writing work will hurt the reader’s eye and leave him with a bitter taste as for the author’s intentions. This can have an impact on obtaining contracts, jobs… and therefore also have a considerable financial impact. Readers, as authors, can lose a lot.

Whatever the communication channels used, communication brochures, transcriptions from audios, interviews, or even video subtitles, good spelling and spelling correction are required.

Thus, in 2019, it is questionable whether using manual or automated online correctors?

Automated spelling check

According to, the spelling checker is a « functionality that is found in office software but also in some Internet browsers that automatically detect spelling or grammatical errors. However, given our complex language, the proof-reader is not always able to make the right distinction. So, you will still have to read it again for a perfect text”.

Nevertheless, today’s tools are more and more efficient and save time, especially when spelling is not one’ specialty.

There are tools available free of charge online (in the form of spell checkers), or even directly spelling software to install on your computer.

Here are the online tools for spelling correction:

Google Chrome and Firefox browser patches

Jetpack for WordPress





And spelling software:

Microsoft Word

7Spell Spelling Software

Spelling Force V2

Ginger Spell Checker

WordPerfect Office X8

Slick Write

It is no coincidence that there are many tools and software. English is a complex language and the combination of expertise is not insignificant.

Reinforced spelling with professional human proofreading

Now that you have understood the importance of good spelling and know the computer and web tools that can help you improve your spelling, don’t forget that it is not 100% reliable and that human intelligent correction is always essential and unavoidable.

Indeed, be careful to check, to read again well because there may often remain errors, which can lead to misunderstandings. The science of spelling and spelling correction requires specific experience and knowledge.

Spell checkers are not there to check the understanding, correct use and meaning of words. They « scan » as many frequent errors and rules as possible. But for more professional credibility, to avoid also some incomprehensible typing errors from the machine, human spelling correction and proofreading is essential.

Thus, Authôt has understood the importance of emphasizing human proofreading, the professions of proof-readers, (or validators) that are professional linguists, experts in spelling… hence our transcription service with human proofreading.

Our proof-readers are specialized and intervene after the automatic transcription.

Despite the 95% reliability of the automatic transcription, 60% of the audio or video files sent to the Authôt application go through our proofreading service to ensure optimal rendering, from transcription to perfect text and spelling correction.

How does human proofreading work for an online transcription solution?

1st step: proofreading

2nd step: validation

Whatever the subject or language of origin is, we have a multilingual team to ensure that translations and spelling are respected. And this is particularly judicious in translation.

Translation is an even more complex science, because in addition to good grammatical and spelling correction, it includes semantic and sociological factors. For example, for some expressions. This contributes to the respect and appreciation of the beauty and subtleties of a foreign language. As you have seen, respect for spelling is very popular in the workplace. It is therefore essential to rely not only on relevant tools but also on human beings, experts who have the eye and experience of audio.

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