The importance of interview transcription in your job

the importance of interview transcription for your job

For some jobs, professions and status where writing is of great importance, it is often about interviews, recorded exchanges. But the main activity of the journalist, researcher or coach is not to manually transcript those interviews into text. This tedious and binding work brings them no benefit. So, why not relieve the intellectual by letting a tool and a team of professionals do this transformation of audios, recordings, into texts? Let’s talk here about the importance of interview transcription and its implications for a wide range of professions.

Interview transcription for some trades

For certain jobs and professional missions, an automatic transcription solution (with or without human proofreading) becomes an essential and daily tool. Our Authôt online application, addresses this need and the importance of interview transcription.

Some of our client researchers, journalists or freelancers (lawyers, life coaches, psychologists), come to us for projects to transcribe their interviews or recorded talks (which mainly takes the form of audio files). Why?

In order to carry out various studies, reports, feature articles, these professionals regularly need to conduct interviews, talks, or debates on ideas.

However, in order to get a record of these statements, a proof or a support of textual analysis afterwards, they do not always have the means to write everything at the moment. As a result, they use audio and video media instead. They record digitally these talks as a means of backup to make a written transcription later on. The process of textual transcription, especially of interview transcription from an audio, is not only time-consuming but can be, depending on the quality of the audio, relatively approximate. Thanks to Authôt, wasting their time on this subject becomes a distant memory. In a few minutes, our online solution delivers the ready text version for a proofreading.

Time saving with automatic interview transcription technology

It is essential for this type of business to get a quick and efficient transcription of the recordings. This is a real need. Without the text, they cannot fully practice their job.

A fast and professional written transcription allows them to have all the necessary texts for analyses, reports, theses… Their professionalism comes from the use they make of the text and not in obtaining the text itself…. hence the importance of this subject.

The automatic transcription of these interviews saves them time and accuracy (for different contexts and foreign languages), by transcribing the speech into a text.

Indeed, when we started our activity, we noticed that one hour of interview required a manual transcription work of six hours. Therefore, some professions can quickly become overloaded. And professionals have no more time to work on what they really like.

Journalists will be able to focus on synthesizing information, highlighting important points. The coaches or psychologists will analyse interviews with their patients or clients. Lawyers rely on these interviews to apply procedures, legal documents or think about a defense or attack strategy.

For many students, doctoral students and researchers, writing a thesis or dissertation will necessarily involve interview transcription. These written transcripts are a wealth of information and key quotes for their study.

A professional written transcription

By entrusting us with their needs, these intellectual professions have understood, particularly through their attachment to words, that today combining human and automatic is the only way to obtain a 100% reliable, quality transcription.

Authôt is an alliance of innovative technology and human checking for your interview transcriptions. The proofreading is professional, carried out by proof-readers or typists who are used to audio and who do transcription every day. They know the ins and outs of their job.

On both technical and literary aspects, the text versions of interviews are accurate and faithful. The proofreading service is composed of a set of freelancers selected to correct and verify both the quality and terminology of the automatic transcription. They master the platform and can assist you in your often-tight timing.

The particularity of interview transcription from audio recordings is that it requires a certain knowledge of the original sound file.

Different factors come into play for interview transcription: for instance, when your audio files have a good sound quality you can only choose the automatic transcription service and do the revision yourself using our interactive online editor.

However, if your audio is not of good quality, if you have interference or background noise, we recommend that you use the proofreading service directly. In addition, interference with interview transcriptions occurs far too often.

Of course, a real journalist must know how to anticipate audio quality, but he cannot always control everything. Similarly, it is not included in a lawyer’s training to be familiar with interviewing, audio quality and interview transcription.

Journalists, doctoral students, psychologists, editors… whatever your core business, do not wait any longer to benefit from an effective online transcription solution. By trusting us with your recordings, you can be sure to save a considerable amount of time for a professional look. The Authôt solution is part of a revaluation of your work.

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