How to use Siri on your iPhone?

How will we progress from a world where we have to understand computers to a world where they will understand us, our intent and can be proactive in helping us? How will we expand on today’s advancements with computers identifying images or text to computers that can interpret the world around them? How will the simplistic task-oriented bots or digital agents of today evolve from just getting us information to emotionally connecting with us?”

It was the topic of the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Dr. Harry Schum, head of the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research group, was special guest and speaker during the conference. He noticed that the Man-Machine dialogue is more and more advanced but still far from its peak

1.472 billion. This is the number of smartphones sold worldwide in 2017. You also bought a mobile and chose the Iphone? You have opted for a quality device. There are several applications preinstalled there, which would be very useful for you. Among these applications are Siri. Siri is simply the Apple assistant who can help you every day.

Indeed, this assistant is able to accompany you in all the tasks that you wish to carry out. It was designed primarily to allow you to use the smartphone without your hands. Such cases arise when you are driving, or simply want to use your iPhone easily. How to use this application? Follow me instead!

Siri: What is it?

Siri is a human-machine interface based on advanced speech recognition, natural language processing and speech synthesis. Widely acclaimed by users, the American advertising analysis company Comescore stresses that by 2020, no less than 200 million searches per month will be done via voice recognition.

As already mentioned, Siri is an iOS application. It is an integral part of your iPhone, as long as it comes with it. In other words, no need to download it on the App Store, since it is already there. However, it is always possible to update it, in case of a new version. It is simply an assistant, or if you prefer, the Voice Command of your iPhone.

How to use it?

The Siri application is quite simple to use, but if you are a bit novice know that there are several requests you can make. Nothing very complex, but you still need to get used to it. You can call with Siri, or send messages. You should also remember that you can give him orders and ask him questions. For example « Find a Chinese restaurant in Oxford ».


Preliminary step: launch the application

This is a logical step for you to take. Impossible indeed, to use an application if you do not open it. As for Siri, the Apple Crunch brand has decided to simplify the launch by pressing the button in the middle of your device.

Nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is press and hold this button. To do this, your smartphone must be turned on, but can remain locked. Only when you hear two beeps can you release the button.

Once you do, an icon with a microphone will appear asking you how it can help you. You can then click on the question mark to see examples of possible tasks performed by Siri.

1st use: call with the application

To be able to call a contact with Siri, you just have to say aloud « Call John » (for example). The important thing is that you say the name of the contact you want to talk to. Then wait a few seconds for the device to execute the command. If it turns out that you have more than one John in your repertoire, Siri will ask you which one you want to call. For example, answer « first » to place the order.

2nd use: send SMS

You have the possibility to send messages with Siri, and this, via several applications. Indeed, you can use the messaging application embedded in the iPhone, or do it via Telegram or WhatsApp. It is also possible that you send an email to your contacts in this way.

To send an email, you just have to say « send an email to James for the party », and Siri, will open the emails, with the subject « evening » to James. Then it will ask you for the message to send, which you will have to dictate aloud. For SMS, you just have to say « send a message to John », and wait until you can dictate the message.

3rd use: give orders

If you want to ask the weather it makes, you can also pass by Siri. This is also the case to play a piece of music, or to have access to GPS. You can also perform your searches via the Siri application.

Ultimately, voice control is capable of helping you perform many tasks. Through this tutorial, you should be able to get out of it.