Make your video content accessible through the SubTitly platform

SubTitly revolutionizes the subtitles translation



The TextMaster global translation solution combined with Authôt’s transcription and subtitling technology offers you a complete solution: the SubTitly platform.

SubTitly platform: the solution for internationalizing your video content

Video content is becoming increasingly important on the Internet. According to statistics, 55% of Internet users watch online videos every day (MWP). Social networks also play an important role in our daily lives: more than 2.3 billion people used them in 2017.
In addition, mobile phones are becoming increasingly important in daily lives of users (smartinsights). This massive use of mobile phones, coupled with the practice of autoplay, makes the subtitle essential, even necessary as 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound (Digiday).

For its part, the YouTube platform has more than one billion users, meaning one third of the Internet. And videos available on the platform are indexed by search engines. Subtitling your video makes it easier to index its content, and helps search engine algorithms to locate keywords.

The SubTitly platform therefore meets the needs of companies in terms of optimization of natural referencing.
translation enables to have an international perspective with videos that can be seen all over the world!

SubTitly platform: the fast and efficient subtitling and video translation solution

SubTitly video

Using SubTitly ensures you to receive quality multilingual subtitles. The platform offers you total autonomy, and allows you to gain a precious time in your video transcription and translation project.
With powerful artificial intelligence technologies and a large network of native and professional translators, save on transcription and translation costs for your video subtitles!

To use SubTitly, the method is simple:
send your videos;
describe your project (video type, source and target languages…)
Subtitles are created automatically thanks to transcription technology, and reviewed by the Authôt operational team. They are then translated by TextMaster’s professional translators, and you can easily export them in several formats (
srt, webvtt, txt, docx).

In just a few clicks, you can subtitle and translate all types of video on the SubTitly platform: conferences, training, social networks, internal communication, presentations & tutorials, media and more.

How does the SubTitly platform work?

The operation is very simple: either you are already a TextMaster client or you are not! To learn more about the registration and project launch stages, click here. It’s your turn to try!

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