Video in various forms is trending beyond 2022!

Video in various forms is trending beyond 2022!


Video is a format that we like a lot at Authôt And we are not the only ones! Video has several advantages, especially in terms of dynamism and SEO. Moreover, infinite opportunities are possible with video… Nowadays, with the importance and development of live events, videos are a must… ! Therefore, we will see here why and how video in its different forms will be trendy in 2022 and beyond! What kind of videos you should create for your brand, your products, and how Authôt can help you to make them.

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Video in a few words 

To begin, let’s talk about the video format. What is video? According to the, it is « all the techniques relating to the formation, recording, processing or transmission of images or television-like signals ». Indeed, a film, a TV show, an audiovisual work is recorded on video, shot before being processed etc. 

As explains, a video is « a succession of images at a certain rate ». In concrete terms, the human eye can only distinguish 20 frames per second… Therefore, when more than 20 frames per second are displayed, it « deceives » the eye into thinking that it is a moving image… The fluidity of a video is thus characterised by the number of frames per second, and is expressed in frames per second. In addition, video, as a multimedia format, is accompanied by sound and audio data. 

Video in different forms is trendy 

Several forms of videos are possible. In the cinema, on television, in the form of TV shows, commercials, documentaries; deferred, replayed and live In addition, videos are also broadcast on the web, on social networks, streaming platforms

Indeed, on social networks and the web in general, video is now everywhere. As points out, « in addition to the big success of TikTok in 2021, Facebook and Instagram are 75% video. Furthermore, a website is 50 times more likely to perform well in SEO if it contains videos… We are now in a video-friendly era. It is a marketing trend that should not be ignored. 

In different forms, vertical, horizontal, on YouTube, Real on Instagram, video is trending to share products, skills, create buzz or engage audiences. 

Différentes formes de vidéos

Live videos are becoming a must in marketing 

Live videos are becoming a must in marketing! From now on, video marketing is integrating streaming and live video into its strategy. All platforms are part of this trend: Facebook of course, but also Instagram with the « Instagram Live » option, YouTube with its « Go Live » function… Today, everyone can broadcast live videos. 

In 2019, internet and mobile users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video. It is a privileged channel to get closer to your audience, all sectors of activity included! 

For 2020-2021, one in five videos was broadcast live. In addition, 1 million Instagram users worldwide watched live videos every day! These figures are driving all players to adopt the live video format

As a result, recently Twitter and LinkedIn are also adopting live video. 

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Trends for video by 2022 

In fact, according to, in addition to live video on social networks, we can expect several trends for video by 2022. Indeed, between « meetings, apéritifs, videoconference lectures, there has been no shortage of use cases in recent months […]. Ultra HD, gamification, inclusion, security and many other trends » are to be watched in terms of video. 

For example, given the importance of video, the quality of video should continue to improve in 2022 especially with the rollout of 5G. Video conferencing, live events, live-streaming, will gradually move to HD high definition. 

Then we should also see an increase in applications, third-party features directly on the video platforms. The aim will be to offer the most complete experience possible from a single video, from a playlist! In addition to offering translation, subtitling and file sharing, videos will even be a way to directly purchase products. 

Videos are about experiences 

Tomorrow’s videos will focus on accessibility, interactivity and experiences. This is why it will be interesting to observe in 2022 how brands will integrate gamification even more. Indeed, it is a powerful audiovisual form for learning, experimenting especially during events. In this dynamic, videos can be created in real time, but also in virtual and augmented reality. 

With this reduction of distances and universes, tomorrow’s videos should also promote inclusion and accessibility. The hearing and visually impaired will be more involved thanks to voice synthesis services, transcriptions, subtitles…! AI, technology, will come to support humans. Engagement will be increasingly strong, whatever the profile of the user/consumer. 

Videos live

Accessibility and the future of video 

At Authôt, we contribute to the accessibility and future of video thanks to our expertise in subtitling and translation for your recorded and/or live videos. Indeed, thanks to our Authôt APP and Authôt Live platforms, you can subtitle, translate and transcribe all your content and events! No need to wait until 2022! By working with Authôt, you can be sure to provide your clients with professional videos from A to Z right away! 

Videos always engage us more! If you are a media company, an audiovisual production agency, an event agency, a start-up, and you have large volumes of video, do not hesitate to contact us! We will put all our expertise at the service of more and more innovative, creative, original and accessible videos! From 2022, and for much longer…!

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