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On the occasion of International Translation Day on 30 September, we wanted to highlight the importance of video subtitling and translation on the Internet. The result is clear: the translation and subtitling service plays an important role beyond the practical side. Translation brings nations together, facilitates dialogue, understanding and cooperation, contributes to development and strengthening world peace and security as highlighted by the United Nations on the page dedicated to this celebration.

We are happy to celebrate our translators
and all those who dedicate themselves to this profession!

Have you seen more and more videos subtitled and translated in 2018 on your social networks or favorite websites? No mirage, this practice is constantly growing! It is necessary to make audiovisual content visible and accessible on the Internet and social networks. Translation and subtitling service are therefore increasingly in demand in all sectors.

What our figures say about the subtitling market

Since the beginning of 2018, 21,725 audio and video files have been sent on the Authôt application, an automatic transcription and subtitling platform. Video alone accounts for more than 75% of the files processed. This also coincides with the current consumer preference.

If we look more specifically at subtitling, we note that more than 3,846 minutes were synchronized by the Authôt validation team, among them, 629 minutes were dedicated to videos with burned subtitles . With regard to translation, more than 8,206 minutes were translated into English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, etc.

These figures clearly illustrate how the market recognizes transcription, subtitling and translation practices as good allies. Subtitles allow you to differentiate yourself and, above all, improve SEO by making audiovisual content, especially videos, accessible and visible. As these practices are now within the reach of any person or company, a wider audience is reached, including the deaf and hard of hearing, and the language barrier is eliminated.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) figures, more than 5% of the world's population (466 million people) have disabling hearing loss. Thus, Authôt's progress in subtitling and automatic transcription undoubtedly makes audiovisual content more accessible to these people. Particularly on the Internet, in films and on television.

Subtitling service, translation and more

In order to meet market demand, Authôt now offers translation services in more than 40 languages. Common languages such as English, French, Spanish, but also rarer languages such as Mandarin, Hindi or Jamaican. This translation service is available directly from the app.authô automatic transcription platform. These requests are managed by a team of native translators. We also have our partner TextMaster with whom we have worked on the Subtitly platform.

We are working every day to improve our transcription and subtitling application. Thanks in particular to the machine learning, the Authôt multi-speaker speech recognition system improves itself thanks to corrections. Technical advances that Authôt is proud of! We also have synchronization and burning subtitle services.

The CEO of the French start-up Authôt, Olivier Fraysse, points out that :

"The end of 2018 is full of projects for Authôt. We have indeed marketed our live subtitling service! We also plan to launch a subtitle embedding application. All you have to do is send your video, your subtitle file and you will get the video with burned subtitles in one click".

Who requests the subtitling service?

The sectors that require the subtitling service are generally film and television production companies for editing and derushage. Universities that offer MOOCs. Major media with a strong presence on social networks. Or private companies that place a high value on internal and external communication and are increasingly using video format.

They often need the proofreading service to get a perfect result! But also synchronization, burning subtitles and, of course, translation. All theses services allow them to make videos accessible everywhere and to everyone. All these requests are often made within very short deadlines. As required by the rapid consumption of information in which we live today.

How much informative content do you see and/or hear per day?

As a reminder, every day 15 million subtitled videos are viewed on online video platforms. This is not to mention those seen on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, where the autoplay practice is omnipresent.

Beyond automatic subtitling

The automatic subtitling solution like the one we see on YouTube will never have the quality level of human-read subtitles. Even if today speech recognition and automatic transcription technologies are increasingly trying to achieve it.

In the case of Authôt, the results are accurate to 95% with good quality audio. And the remaining 5%? They are now covered by additional services such as the platform's online editor (watch our tutorial) made available to the user. And the manual proofreading service provided by the Authôt team (read our article).

Finally, we are pleased to note that Voice to text automatic transcription technology promotes subtitling for everyone. The high demand for the subtitling service and its annexes is reflected in actions in favour of accessibility and inclusion.


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