Authôt Live: The new solution to transcribe your content live!

Authôt Live: The new solution to transcribe your content live!

We presented a preview of our new product: Authôt Live, at the VoiceTech Paris show in November 2019. Here is now its official launch!

Authôt Live

Authôt Live is THE new solution to transcribe and translate Live your conferences, courses, debates, videos…! You will find here our thoughts about our Automatic Speech Recognition and Automatic Translation solutions Live. In the current context of artificial intelligence and increasingly powerful voice technologies, we present our little revolution 2020 with its features, uses and challenges!

Automatic Speech Recognition and Live Transcription

To begin with, let’s review the basis of our technology. Automatic speech recognition is all about transcribing audio or video into text. In fact, transcription consists of writing down the words of a recording but with certain rephrasing, eliminating unnecessary details such as repetitions and hesitations… By using automatic speech recognition and transcription you save time and reliability! However, be careful, note that transcription and transcription with proofreading often come together. What differs are the desired expectations in terms of writing formats and media. Especially Live.

Today, with the current context of immediacy, there is a real need to go Live. First, the main challenge is to improve existing technologies and to integrate into them this ambient need for reactivity and speed! For example, to transcribe, subtitle and translate live videos,international talks , courses… In our opinion, Live subtitling will really be improved in the coming years and will spread like wildfire!

Transcription and Automatic translation

Indeed, within Authôt we think of several different use cases to deepen and facilitate digital accessibility. First of all, automatic transcription paired if necessary with its translation. The range of audio and video contents that can be made digitally accessible is infinite and can be used for education, business world, training or entertainment… For example, courses, meetings, talks, debates, webinars or even conferences! In addition, live transcription can be very relevant applied to streaming, videos and live events on social networks notably Facebook Live… Finally, regarding culture, transcription and automatic translation can also unlock access to works, shows, exhibitions.

Not only will the user no longer have to wait, but he or she will generally be less isolated, since this new technology also reinforces sharing! Always around the key notion of digital accessibility.

Authôt Live: live transcription and translation solution

Authôt Live : THE Authôt 2020 novelty ! We will present here the principle, the functioning and the possible functionalities. Once your account is created, you will access your Authôt Live interface. Easily enter your login and password to access your personal space that will allow you to easily use our transcription and translation technology Live!

Authôt Live Home

To create your Live, simply click on the « New Live » button. The first step will be to enter a title, then the language spoken during the Live and finally, if you wish, you can opt for an automatic translation of the words.

Three steps are required to set up the system and you will need to wait a few minutes. That’s how long it takes to open a single Live instance on our server… This configuration time allows to validate the request and to secure the sending of the data stream. It is an additional security.

Authôt Live Server

In fact, the principle of our Authôt Live tool is simple: the Live transcription of the speech stream is displayed as it is being sent. Then, the words of the sentence adjust when the speaker has finished speaking. Thus, the quality of the transcription is good because it is contextualized.

In addition, you can customize the display of the transcription and translation! For example, you can change the background colour, the font used, etc. This can be interesting for some users. For example, in terms of visibility and readability for colour-blind people. But above all in a general way in favour of people with different disabilities and in a perspective of digital accessibility.

Remember to validate the settings

Moreover, know that the tool page must be able to access your microphone to work properly! So don’t forget to allow your browser to access your microphone you can also set up your input device directly in the sound settings.

If you use a specific vocabulary, we have added an extra option: the dictionary. You can insert a complete lexicon (1000 words maximum) into the dictionary just before starting your Live to increase the performance of the transcription.

Authôt Live Dictonary

Moreover, it is possible to use Authôt Live with multiple speakers ! This can be very useful for conferences, events, debates in various topics.

Then it’s very simple, once you have finished your Live you just have to save and exit! You then have access to your Lives in your interface in the section « my Lives ».

You will be able to export your transcriptions and translations in .doc format.

User types for Authôt Live

Authôt Live Viewer

In concrete terms, there are two possible types of users:

  • Speakers
  • Viewers

Speakers can create Lives while viewers have restricted access. Indeed, viewers only have access to the transcripts and possibly the translations to which they have been invited. They can therefore view Lives, but not create them under any circumstances.

When you create your account, you will have 10 minutes to test the transcription Live for free. You will then have to credit your account to continue using Authôt Live and it works the same way as Authôt App: credits of hours, counted down to the second and a decreasing rate according to the volume.

You can easily access the Order tab from your account allowing you to pay online. The only condition to benefit from automatic translation is to have Live Transcription hours. Payments are secured and you have access to your consumption tracking in your account information at any time.

You can take a guided tour or download the explanatory guide in order to obtain all the necessary keys to use our platform.

Authôt Live can answer to any kind of project or even integrate with existing internal tools (thanks to the API). So please contact us for any more specific request!

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