Distance learning has many advantages!

Distance learning has many advantages!


At Authôt, we regularly talk to you about distance learning. We are firmly convinced that this form of learning has many advantages and we are contributing to it in our own way. Indeed, inspired by hybrid teaching and the challenges of distance learning, we have just launched our own platform: Authôt University! This platform is dedicated to learning subtitling. You can follow the different courses at your own pace… It’s a free course. Later on, we will be adding courses for multiple audiovisual skills! Wherever you are, you can now master the art of creating and editing subtitles for your audiovisual projects! In the meantime, ready to find out why you should take advantage of distance learning courses…? Let’s get started!

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Distance learning continues to grow

Today, more than ever, distance learning is becoming more democratic. It is not by chance that online training courses are multiplying. Distance learning has many advantages! In 2022, digital learning will continue to grow. According to the ISTF, 85% of French people approve of the effectiveness of online distance learning! The ISTF is the leading institute in France for digital learning professions, i.e. for e-learning professionals. In concrete terms, companies and training organizations in France – and throughout the world – are turning to new technologies for the development of various forms of learning.

As Journaldunet.com points out, distance learning « allows employees and students to train using the ATAWAD adage ». This abbreviation stands for « Anytime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice« , i.e. the fact of being able to learn anytime, anywhere and almost from any medium…!
In fact, this form meets multiple needs and profiles. In addition, it also allows us to move towards the world of tomorrow, which will be much more digital… Whatever the field, distance learning has many advantages and benefits.

Distance learning and different formulas

Distance learning


Distance learning is part of today’s and tomorrow’s world with different formulas… As a result, there are several types of training courses and apprenticeships possible. There are courses where there is no intervention by a trainer, and some with support in which one or more people help the learner… Moreover, depending on the form, these courses are more or less interactive…! It is therefore important to be aware of the different possibilities and to choose a suitable course. Among them :

  • MOOCS: a type of training that varies the formats and media with, in particular, videos, MCQs and forums;
  • 100% video training: in this case, all the training modules are videos;
  • Mixed training which combines videos, course material + live coaching sessions…

Thanks to these contents, these predefined sessions, employees, students, individuals, professionals, can learn new knowledge and skills. And this, at any time and regardless of their initial level.
Indeed, online training is often dynamic, personalized and puts the learner at the heart of his or her learning. Everything is optimized.

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Flexibility and the future of work

Everything is optimized not only for the learner, but also for the trainers and the entities that implement distance learning… Indeed, it saves on personalisation and time. In addition, it is less expensive than a complete face-to-face course. There are no travel costs, no premises, it does not block specific time slots… Moreover, the number of learners is unlimited.

Distance learning has a considerable advantage: flexibility!

Not only is it economical, optimal, but also a great help for some learners. Indeed, as ahaslides.com puts it, distance learning is also more accessible for people who live in remote areas. People who cannot travel or who have a disability. In fact, the flexibility is more than twofold: geographical, temporal and much more …!

In concrete terms, distance learning follows this dynamic of transformation of the professional world. With the global health crisis we are going through, the number of distance workers has doubled! Another significant figure is that 70% of American workers will be working remotely at least one week a month by 2025… It is therefore crucial to prepare for this at all levels!

The advantages of distance learning are becoming numerous for all fields

Distance learning

Of course, there are also disadvantages to distance learning, which we may discuss in a future article if you are interested…! Nevertheless, in the face of these observations, the advantages seem to be in the majority! For all fields… Both theoretical and technical… ! This is why we have chosen to share our knowledge with you by launching Authôt Université… !

Authôt Université is an LMS platform – a learning management system – that gives you access to exclusive free online courses created and led by our team of professionals.
With the help of our partner Ubicast, European leader in interactive video creation and sharing solutions, we were able to shoot professional and qualitative videos in their studios. We use their very intuitive video player to broadcast the courses.

By teaming up with the right partners, creating interactive, optimized, quality content, we are bringing our expertise to our audience in the best possible way…!
We are confident that this is just the beginning for Authôt in the distance learning sector. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your progress!

Distance learning has many advantages and online training courses on a variety of subjects are still developing…! Our Authôt Live and Authôt University solutions help to make certain areas accessible, to learn at your own pace, from home… If you are interested in Authôt University, we invite you to go directly to our dedicated platform! Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions!

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