How to transcribe your Zoom meetings with Authôt APP

How to transcribe your Zoom meetings with Authôt APP

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the quarantine measures taken by the government, you are probably teleworking or taking classes from home. While teleworking has some advantages, it also has its share of complications: managing a project or a team remotely, no interaction with colleagues or classmates. In fact, several tools offer us the possibility of interacting with our peers in order to maintain this socio-professional link and reduce, to some extent, social distancing. Skype, Meet, or even Houseparty, almost all of us use a video conferencing tool to stay in touch. We decided to focus on Zoom and show you how to transcribe your meetings with Authôt APP.

What is Zoom ?

From webinars to simple chats, meetings or even seminars, Zoom allows you to create a virtual room that can accommodate up to 10,000 participants in its paid version. As for the free version, it will allow you to create a room with 100 participants. With a simple and modern interface, you can use it from any media (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Several options are available with the application :

  • Integration with your agendas
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Poll
  • Replay

What is the point of transcribing your Zoom meetings?

First of all, by using Zoom for your meetings, you have the possibility to get a high quality audio recording. You will then be able to transform this audio into text and get the transcript of your meeting thanks to Authôt APP.

For example, attending remote meetings is not easy for everyone and technical problems (connection quality, faulty hardware) can make this experience very difficult for you and the other members of the meeting. So imagine if it’s your turn to take notes!

With Authôt APP, you will have the transcript of your meeting in different formats (.docx, .txt) that you can edit, modify and share it with your team.

Record your meetings!

Record your meetings


First, you need to create an account and then launch your meeting on Zoom you have the possibility to record completely or just a part of it.


You can decide at any time to stop recording without ending your meeting. Your recording will only be available at the end of the meeting.



How do I retrieve my recording?


When your meeting is over and you have left the virtual room, Zoom converts the partial or complete recording of your meeting.



Once the conversion is completed, Zoom will automatically create a folder that will have the following path :

  • Windows C:User NameDocumentsZoom
  • Mac: /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom

Then your recording will be in a sub-folder named  » the current date the time the recording starts the name of the meeting organizer « .

This sub-folder will open automatically at the end of the conversion.


If not, you can find it in the « Recorded » tab of the application. There you will find all the meetings you have recorded. All you have to do is click on the « Open » button.

Once you have access to your meeting file go on Authôt APP!

Get the transcript of your meeting Zoom


Let us guide you through the use of Authôt APP.


Subtitle your meeting Zoom


You can also, if you wish, subtitle your meeting. To do so, simply choose one of the subtitle formats (.srt or .vtt) when exporting For internal broadcasting, we advise you to use the VLC media player.

Indeed, if your video file and your subtitle file (.srt or .vtt) are in the same folder, VLC will automatically display your subtitles as soon as the video is launched. Otherwise you will have to insert / load them manually.

If you would like to know more about using subtitles for your meetings, conferences or debates please contact us!

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