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Italian subtitling: Authôt keep launching new languages!

Italian is the 3rd most used language in Europe, after German and English but before French. Italy is not a colonizing country like its Europeans neighbours (except during the Roman Empire).
Anyway, you can find a lot of Italians’ communities scattered around the world. In New York City we can found the famous Italian neighbourhood called
Little Italy’.

Italian subtitling in order to highlight art and culture

La Joconde italian subtitling

Italy is internationally-known for its artistic and cultural national wealth. We can notably think about the Renaissance period closely linked to the rediscovery of literature, philosophy and sciences of Antiquity.
The starting point of this prolific period is the Italian Renaissance and has for cradle, the city of
Thus, Italian art is present in numerous prestigious museums like the Pinacothèque of Brera, The Gallery of Offices in Florence, or, The Vatican Museums in Roma. Italy has the
biggest museum heritage: we count almost 1500 museums!
The 57e Biennal of Art of Venice is an unmissable event in the term of modern art, it is taking place from May 13 to November 26, 2017.

Museums offer a huge potential. Indeed, culture is synonymous of sharing and this vision is at the heart of new partnerships between MOOCs and museums. It began in the USA with the MoMA which offered its first MOOC during the month of august 2013. In France, The “Réunion des musées nationaux et du Grand Palais” (Rmn-GP), pioneered the cultural and patrimonial MOOC, in december 2013.
The very prestigious Louvre Museum has also proposed its MOOC called « L’instant figé. Quand l’art saisit le mouvement ».
The italian subtitling appears like a key element in this context of exchange,
digital accessibility and cultural sharing with museums and MOOCs!

Indeed, the Italian subtitling allows to translate, and so, to open up internationally the museum’s’ cultural wealth.

Authôt offers Italian subtitling on its application!

After English, Spanish, German, Authôt chosen a new iconic European language! You have now a very large choice of languages on app.authô in order to satisfy your needs of transcriptions and subtitling. This choice of europeans languages is significant because Authôt offers its services in the entire Europe and count more than 250 clients, in all sectors. The italian subtitling will seduce as both Audiovisuals productions for their italians movies video editing, and Education for MOOCs in italian language, but also, companies for corporate communication videos.
If you are interested by the
Italian subtitling for your projects, please contact us and try for free on app.authô


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