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Authôt offers the Japanese subtitling

We can leave Spain and summer behind us: autumn is coming! It’s a beautiful period which begins and in Japan this season is named “MOMIJIGARI”. This term is from the Japanese momiji (紅葉) which means « red leaves » or « maple tree » and kari (狩) which means « hunting ». In the Japanese tradition, people visit scenic areas where leaves have turned red in the autumn. This prelude invites us to travel and our today’s destination is Japan to illustrate the last innovation on the Authôt app: Japanese subtitling and transcription.

Japanese subtitling in audiovisual media and video games

Japanese is spoken by more than 125 million people, mainly in Japan. It is less than Spanish but the influence of the Japanese language is strong, thanks to its economy which is the 3rd largest in the world.
Japan is also well known for its soft power” culture represented by: mangas, anime and video games. Indeed, two of the three giants of video game are Japanese: Nintendo and Sony (Microsoft is American).
Nintendo is a multinational founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi which originally produced handmade playing cards. Nintendo’s first venture into the video games industry was in 1972, with the collaboration with Magnavox for the creation of “Odyssey”, the first commercial home video game console. In 1980 Nintendo launched Game & Watch, a handheld video game series.
Nintendo was a family-owned company: Iwata Satoru was the first Nintendo president unrelated to the Yamauchi family through blood or marriage since its founding. It contributed to build his reputation. Iwata Satoru has always been seen as a CEO with empathy and humanity. Indeed, when the crisis affected Nintendo in 2013, Iwata took the decision to slash his salary by fifty per cent, avoiding thousands of layoffs. This action was praised by several journalists and economists. His death in July 2015 therefore left the video game industry greatly saddened and many tributes were paid to him.
Iwata Satoru liked to say: On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.
It seemed essential for Authôt to add transcription and Japanese subtitling in its application in order to satisfy the growing demand. We invite you now to watch the following video: “Iwata Satoru’s opening speech for Nintendo”. The subtitles are produced by Authôt with the automatic transcription in Japanese. (Select CC: Japanese) 


Japanese transcription app!


Numerous audiovisual professional have placed their trust in Authôt for transcription and subtitling. Indeed, our startup manages regular projects with INA, TV5 Monde or Yuzu Productions.
This article on Japanese culture and its weight in the video game industry introduces the arrival of a new language in the application: Japanese!
You can now send your Japanese audio or video files, selecting carefully the language “Japanese” first. Our automatic Japanese transcription system will do its job: speech to text transcription.


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