Audio transcription into text : which jobs and use ?


The jobs of audio transcription into text

The audio transcription into text allows to convert audio data into a text file, for example from Mp3 or Wma to Txt or Doc.

Audiovisual production, Media, Academic and Public Institutions jobs often have to transcribe audio into text.
This is also to support the 2005 law about equal rights and chances. Digital is an important and growing part in communication, making the speech accessible to everyone.
Used in seminars, conferences, reports of municipal councils, interviews, meetings or online courses… the benefit is to keep a written record of what is said.
It is very useful to have on hand or in our computer audio or video transcriptions from records.

Indeed, discussions, meetings or public speaking should be recorded and kept in a written manner. That is why the audio to text transcription work is necessary.
Managers are hard to please on the quality of the work knowing that the final document will be used as a reference.

Without an automatic solution, this is a tedious work to do.

In fact:

  • The verbatim transcription time is very different from the listening time. It takes between five and six typing hours for one hour of audio record.
  • It takes time as well for the correction. Nothing worse for a client than getting a document full of mistakes.

That is why there is now a trick to optimize your transcription time:

  • We are done with “the ergonomic foot pedal”, go digital and automatic.
  • So far many voice recognition software exist. You can use dictation through different forms: license, SAAS… A technology more and more efficient which allows you to win between 30 and 40% of productivity with some software.

Discover Authôt, our automatic solution of audio transcription into text *, serving those jobs (Universities, Town councils, Communities, Medias…)

On the online Authôt application, you can send an audio or video file that will be automatically transcribe into text.


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*Transcription of records from meetings, conferences, interviews…