Live shopping and events

Live shopping and events


Live shopping is clearly one of the new trends for Lives, live events. Faced with the development of live events, each company is banking on it for its own themes… Whether it’s to give live courses, offer live conferences, cultural events, entertainment, advertising… There are no limits. It is with this dynamic in mind that we at Authôt have designed Authôt Live. Authôt Live is an online platform that allows you to create and attend live events. It also allows you to subtitle, translate and transcribe them… which is extremely useful for different broadcasting purposes and profiles! Authôt Live can be used in many ways and can be used for live shopping. Ready to discover more about live shopping, and the possibilities around live events? Let’s get started!

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Live shopping in a few words 

To start with, as the name suggests, live shopping is the act of buying and selling live. According to, live shopping is « an online sales technique, but also a new way of consuming in today’s world ». Indeed, thanks to live shopping, one can buy goods and services directly from sellers or via influencers. This instantaneous mode of purchase is very targeted. 

Live shopping has been around for a long time in China, but has taken on a new dimension with Taobao Live from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba

The benefits of live shopping 

At a distance, live shopping makes it possible to sell immediately, interactively, technologically… It completely reshuffles the cards for sales and purchases. Therefore, there are three main ideas to remember about live shopping: 

  • The practical side: a live shopping session can be carried out easily, anywhere, it is very practical… On the buyer’s side, as well as on the seller’s side! Live shopping is aimed at an infinite number of customers, who do not need to travel. 
  • Instantaneousness: the seller sells live, immediately and can deal with many customers at the same time. 
  • Interaction: buyers can see a live demonstration of the product, ask as many questions as possible. 

All the ingredients are there for live shopping to become a recurring form of live events. 

All shops are getting into live shopping 

This attractive phenomenon has been adopted by all shops. As points out, live shopping is a « trend that has literally been thrust into the spotlight in 2022. Many platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Leroy Merlin have embarked on this experience ». 

Thus, this consumer trend is of great interest to traditional retail chains and online giants. 

According to, the web giants are betting more and more on this form of online sales. Today, 10 American companies « Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Amazon make it possible to broadcast live videos« . 

Gradually, each of these platforms is integrating features into their live video tools that allow consumers to buy directly from them. Notably, the Meta groups Facebook and Amazon. 


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Live shopping and auctions 

Live shopping can be adapted and offers many opportunities. 

In France, eBay is launching a new live shopping experience: Live by eBay. Indeed, the famous e-commerce platform now offers live events every month. Live, you can bid on or buy rare items. 

Whether you want to buy second-hand accessories, works of art or much more, Live by eBay should become an unmissable interactive event for bargain hunters and art aficionados. Each month there will be a new theme for eBay and Live by eBay users. 

On 3 March 2022, for example, the focus was on second-hand watches. You will be able to preview the items on a dedicated page before the event and then make your quotations live. 

More fun and accessible live experiences 

The main goal of live shopping and live events in general is to offer more accessibility and gamification

Shoppers need to have a good time, play games and not feel like they’ve spent money. 

With Live by eBay, the organizers play on several attractive aspects: 

  • Adrenalin : generated by the limited duration of the online auction; 
  • Competitive spirit between buyers; 
  • The opportunity to access rare products. 

Indeed, buyers will clearly remember their shopping experience more. They will be personally solicited, invested in the live event

Rely on Authôt Live for marketing experiences 


At Authôt, we are also keen to offer you complete live experiences. Especially for conferences, international events, but also for marketing experiences. 

Based on our experience, we have developed a live transcription and translation application: Authôt Live. You can transcribe your events live or subtitle or translate your live streams. 

Making content accessible to all is a problem we work on every day. 

Thanks to Authôt Live, you can make your Lives accessible in some fifteen different languages, to visually and hearing impaired profiles thanks to our expert subtitling service. The uses of Authôt Live are endless. 

Live shopping and live events are becoming increasingly popular. More and more players are getting involved… In order to offer the most complete and efficient live experience possible, it is important to rely on professionals like us! Authôt Live meets multiple needs in terms of live events and live content broadcasting. To benefit from our expertise in live events, contact our team!

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