Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, at the Olympic Games

Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, at the Olympic Games


At Authôt, we are specialists in automatic transcription, subtitling and translation. In « deferred » or live mode, depending on your needs. Indeed, with Authôt Live, you can internationalise all your live events. In addition to being broadcasted, subtitled and translated, you can obtain the transcription for all your content! This is a considerable and complete innovation that meets the many needs of events and communication. In addition, it obviously meets the challenges of digital accessibility and widening of audiences… As a result, the use cases are varied. Here, we have decided to focus on Lives, transcriptions and translations in sport, and the Olympic Games. Here we go!

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Sport, Olympics and Lives   

Sport is popular and important for health. Within this broad concept there are different disciplines. Racquet games, combat sports, team sports, water sports, mechanical sports… All these disciplines are at the origin of the creation of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. According to Wikipedia, the « Summer Olympic Games is a worldwide multi-sport competition supervised by the International Olympic Committee and held every four years ». In addition to the traditional Summer Olympic Games, there are also the Winter Games and the Paralympic Games. This year, the Olympic Games will take place very soon in Tokyo, from July 23 to August 8, 2021 That’s why we decided to focus on them!   

In concrete terms, this year is a bit special. Indeed, as the blog expresses it, the « organising committee had a lot of pressure » regarding the Covid-19… This year, it has even been decided that there will be no spectators. As a result, sports and games fans are going to be very keen on Lives. They will want to follow the 2021 Olympic sports competitions live. In France, spectators will be able to access live streaming on Canal +. In addition, there will also be free video replays on France 3 and BeIn Sports.   

As points out, as no one will be able to attend physically, a major « communication campaign will be set up for this global event« . Overall, the French medias present in Tokyo in the summer of 2021 are:   

  • France TV ;   
  • TF1 ;   
  • Eurosport ;   
  • RMC ;   
  • RTL ;   
  • Radio France.   

In audio and video, there will be plenty of sports content to broadcast, process and share!   

Lives: live broadcasts that require expertise  


In fact, the technique of live streaming is now unavoidable and has proved its worth. According to, in concrete terms, « live streaming refers to the real-time broadcast of a video ». It is a particular form of streaming in which the video is broadcast simultaneously with its capture, without the possibility of editing or publishing. The video can simply be supplemented with additional information”, which is mainly translated into subtitles…   

This makes Lives useful for local and international events such as the Olympic Games as the audience can follow the action with very little delay. In addition, it has the considerable advantage of spreading the content very quickly. Thus, a viral buzz for certain sports competitions, match results or challenges can quickly be created!   

Nevertheless, beware that these live broadcasts clearly require expertise. Indeed, in addition to the obvious technicality and know-how of the major media, it is also important to include a human contribution, to ensure digital accessibility and global understanding… In the context of sport, everyone must be able to access a complete experience.   


Why sports events also need translations, transcriptions   

In addition to live broadcasts, sports events especially the Olympic Games, which have a major international reach have a strong need for translation. Indeed, many sports competitions take place between several countries with different spoken languages. Each side has to be able to follow in its own language. The translation can be done orally or with subtitles. Translating live in this way requires several skills: a good level in several languages, as well as knowledge of the sport taking place on the field… Furthermore, if the translation is to be carried out live, you really need a dual perspective: human and technological.   

Authôt brings you this double know-how. In fact, in addition to having created the technological tool for your live broadcasts Authôt Live, our entire team is CERCL certified! CERCL certification for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages attests to a certain level in languages.   

Transcription applied to the sports world   

Finally, transcription is essential for keeping track of, and sharing the results and content of various sporting events more quickly! Whether on radio, television or the web, it is necessary to be able to convert audio and video from sports competitions into various other formats. At Authôt, we are specialists in « Speech to Text ». In other words, converting oral exchanges audio and video files into text is at the heart of our activities! In order to save you as much time as possible, this whole process is now done in a few clicks whether via Authôt APP or Authôt Live! You send your file and you get the results immediately, without waiting.   

By using Authôt for your sports events, for the Olympic Games for example, professionals only have to concentrate on the heart of the sector: sport!   

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the different interests and applications of live broadcasts, transcriptions and translations in the sports world. Today, with the Olympic Games coming up soon and more and more international sports competitions, this is a real necessity! All our techniques meet multiple needs and allow us to offer spectators an immersive experience, almost on the pitch! If you are a media, a company in the sports world, an event agency, do not hesitate to contact us!   


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