Meet a digital development manager

Meet a digital development manager


Administrations, Universities, Digital Production Agencies, Companies All types of structures have live subtitling needsThus, we are continuing our focus on professions, our illustrative meetings with professionals who use Authôt. Today, we’re going to meet Frédéric, who is in charge of digital development

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What is a technical service provider for events? 

Let me introduce myself, Frédéric, I am the digital development manager for a technical event service provider What is a technical event service provider? What does it mean? Which roles do I have in my work? 

To begin with, it is important to understand that a technical event service provider is truly specialized in its field. It is made up of experts in sound, video, lighting, electrical distribution and stage structures. These different areas of expertise allow us to offer tailor-made, personalized events. So, whatever the size of the event and the need, the professionals of a technical event entity must adapt and always find solutions… Innovation is at the heart of the process. Events are always more unexpected, spectacular and at the cutting edge of the latest technologies. As a result, this type of technical event company must offer its clients equipment that is constantly more efficient and new, and above all, they must remain on the lookout for new opportunities. 

A technology provider is a key partner with whom physical, digital or hybrid events come to life. Indeed, thanks to video, sound, the latest lighting and technology, trends, the emotions conveyed during the event take on a whole new dimension! 

Choosing the right event service provider 

A technical event provider must have the skills to excel in lighting, sound, video recordingevery technical detail to make a success of an event, especially a digital event! For example, if the microphones of the various speakers do not work, if a video does not play correctly or if the bandwidth is not sufficient, this clearly affects the success of the event. 

So everyone has their own strengths, their own specificitiesIn my company, the emphasis is on video. Personally, I love playing with the technical strings of video capture for streaming events. I make sure I am as accurate as possible for our clients. In concrete terms, if you are planning to capture a meeting in a TV set format, the technical requirements are not the same as for a big live-streaming showThe field of expertise of a technical service provider is distinctive. 

The fields of action of an event technical service provider 

The fields of action of a technical service provider lie as much in the contribution of ideas as in audiovisual expertiseMoreover, a technical service provider knows the different problems, costs, and design issues… He knows what skills and resources are necessary, as well as the professionals or technicians to mobilize. From A to Z, from design to installation and safety, their expertise is essential. 

The whole of this sector of activity is demanding. Being a good technical service provider requires technical event skills, teamwork, and versatility. 

In addition, it is wise to be dynamic, creative, a good listener, well organized, like to share and be up-to-date… 

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My job as a digital development manager for a technical event provider 

Today, my job as a digital development manager is becoming increasingly important, because tomorrow’s events will be more and more digitalI am particularly keen to meet the needs of participants who are looking for experiences and emotion. 

As far as the clients themselves are concerned, the range of possibilities is very wide: I can intervene for augmented virtual reality presentations as well as for webinars, online showrooms, conferences In order to manage all the technical aspects inherent to digital events, it is essential to rely on technical professionals throughout the event. 

On a day-to-day basis, my mission is to take charge of the study, design and transverse management of digital development projects. In concrete terms, digital development means keeping an eye on technology and setting up new projects and achievements, more or less as a result of the digital transformation we are experiencing. 

In addition, I am responsible for the proper integration of solutions… Thus, I set performance indicators to ensure the results, continue to improve the achievements and make a good digital development. 

My process as a digital development manager 

I’m a digital development manager or event digital project manager… I’m a bit of a coordinator who has to check that the different points are respected in addition to working on development. In particular, I make sure that the technical solutions and technologies selected are appropriate and consistent for each event project

In concrete terms, my days look like this: 

  • I give a presentation of our company and our different offers; 
  • I accompany the client in the collection of their needs; 
  • I compare the client’s needs with our solutions and, if necessary, propose developments, possible improvements, etc.; I also sometimes spend time looking for new tools or solutions for a new problem. 
  • Together with my peers, we draw up a production schedule, including tests and the various round trips; 
  • I am the guarantor of the transformations and the monthly follow-up of the figures; 
  • I continuously suggest improvements for our tools, services… 

Rely on Authôt for expert technical subtitling 

On the day of an event, I have a lot of responsibilities, I have to be everywhere… Especially in video, with post-production and requests for live video for different events

One day, I contacted Authôt with a request for live subtitling for a 2-day digital seminar in 6 languages… A real challenge for our team! Indeed, even though we have experience in video, combining technical, international and live is not easy…! 

So it was possible to set up this request with Authôt Live for this very technical need.  

Together, we did several test sessions, free of charge, in live conditions. Then, some adjustments to Authôt Live were made by their support team in order to meet the various broadcasting constraints. An event with almost a hundred participants! 

We had set up a large technical control room with a dozen computers, machines, etc. In addition, there were various audio streams to be recovered, especially those of the professional native interpreters.  

Everyone in their room was able to follow the event correctly thanks to the live subtitles!  

All in all, a whole host of people made this international digital event a great success! It was amazing to see and experience! 

We hope you enjoyed this feedback from Frédéric! If you are a digital development manager or an event project manager at a technical event provider, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our subtitling support!

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