Meet a video director

Meet a video director


A video director gives us his opinion on subtitling

My name is David, I have been a video director for 5 years. At the beginning I was an editor and step by step I was able to climb the ladder. I work mainly with managers and production managers. I have a global expertise and a more strategic vision of video projects. Production managers are the people in charge of coordinating and steering the technical production of the videos. They ensure the technical quality of the videos but also and above all to respect the specifications and deadlines. They are a bit like project managers in production… And their follow-up is essential!

My role as video director

So, when you’re a video director, you have a bit of a triple vision: producer, director and editor. And each function has its own specificities. You have to be familiar with the different jobs you’re dealing with. The producer is at the head of the films and video projects he owns, produces and exploits. He is the one who selects the audiovisual projects he wants to work on. It is the directors and/or the scriptwriters who present them to him.

The director is the one who directs the making of the film, of the video project. He is a bit like the director in the process. The editor is the one who assembles the shots, the video sequences. He has to deliver the final product according to the script, the specifications and the director’s shooting.

Between these three roles, communication and coordination is fundamental. For my part, my mission as a video director is mainly to liaise with the people in charge. The goal for my teams, my partners is to obtain the best possible quality and coherence for the audiovisual projects.

The audience of the videos

Today, our audience has grown considerably. The audience of the video production company in which I am, has an international audience. Indeed, we produce videos in several foreign languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese… And it’s a lot of work!

Producing videos in all these languages to boost and continue to increase my audience is time consuming, expensive. Yes, it is my job, but optimization is also often a guarantee of quality.

Subtitling videos

I was really looking for a solution that would allow me to be more cost-effective, without necessarily having to produce a single video for each foreign language used.

In addition to boosting my visibility, my audience and my customer base, I also wanted to increase the number of interactions. Let the audience participate, learn, love, share, comment… feel involved.

Objectives of video creation

The goal is that the audience really interacts with our videos, our content. And for that, I asked myself how to make sure that people understand the videos. Especially since videos shared on social networks are by default without sound. More and more web users are watching them this way… This trend requires a double work / multiple skills:

  • Technical work adapting to « without sound » and therefore creating subtitles
  • A master’s degree in translation

The main challenge for me and other video directors is to be able to coordinate all the actions, to make the production process run smoothly.

Authôt: the right solution for a video director

Fortunately, I finally discovered Authôt! Authôt is a great audio-visual solution for my needs! Indeed, I integrated Authôt APP in my information system. Here is how I now proceed thanks to their services and technologies: I perform subtitling in the source language and have the different subtitles translated.

Professionalization and time saving for our videos

For production and media companies, Authôt answers different issues: subtitling and translating their videos to meet their international audience, improving the visibility of videos on social networks. By extension, this also allows them to get better referencing on video channels. Which I was quickly able to verify on ours!

Overall, Authôt’s dual expertise in subtitling and translation streamlines the production process and saves me a lot of time without sacrificing our content’s quality! I’m delighted! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that video directors are increasingly calling on Authôt’s teams for their content!

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