Podcasts' success during quarantine

Podcasts' success during quarantine


After the emergence of the podcast discussed in this article, we have chosen to talk about podcast’s success during quarantine. The new trend is to turn TV shows and much more into podcasts. Here we give all the details on the success of podcasts during quarantine and why we should bet on it.

The podcast: the format to rely on during quarantine

During the quarantine linked to the global epidemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus, brands, companies and medias are making more and more content accessible throughout France. They open their doors digitally, to occupy, entertain, inform differently all types of public.

As a result, audio in the form of podcasts is currently experiencing considerable growth in France. In fact, adopted for longer by the Anglo-Saxons, the podcast has many advantages. According to podmust.com, « a podcast is an audio creation that can be listened to anywhere, anytime ». Which is very practical in terms of broadcasting medium! If you still haven’t done it, now is really the time to include it in your business strategy.

Today, audio is making a big comeback and podcasts are booming. According to e-marketing.fr, audiences for « podcasts and digital audio are on the rise during quarantine ». Indeed, a study of 28 April 2020 by Audion a leading adtech for audio advertising reveals figures for the audio consumption of the French during quarantine.

« 46% of French people say they listen to more. The study reveals a nearly 20% increase in digital audio listening. Currently, 8 out of 10 French people listen to podcasts, compared to 6 out of 10 before the quarantine ».

In addition, « nearly 2/3 of audio consumers currently listen to podcasts and one person in five plans to listen to them ». Kamel El Hadef, co-founder of Audion.

Podcasts for all types of subjects

The advantage of podcasting for listeners is that they can use it as a source of information, but also as a source of entertainment.

Understanding the current strength of podcasting, the TF1 Group, in particular, is taking the opportunity to launch a new podcast offering. They are accessible free of charge on all the classic platforms of this broadcasting format: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Deezer but also Anchor. This new offering, which enhances the TF1 Group’s podcasts, is made up of five formats based on the channel’s flagship shows and emblematic presenters.

In concrete terms, the podcasts enable the TF1 group to further strengthen its proximity to the public. These audio productions cover several themes people, adventure, music, news, history.

« This new podcast offering will enable our viewers to extend and enrich the experience around our shows, but also to bring together new audiences who are adept at using podcast formats. This offering will systematically capitalize on the brands, personalities and content published by the TF1 Group ». Yann Geneste, Director of TF1 Entertainment.

Podcasting: a considerable accessibility boom

The podcast thus works at different levels to considerably accelerate digital accessibility. Indeed, the audio of the podcast allows accessibility for any rhythm and any profile.

Moreover, in this emergence and strong use of podcast, it is particularly interesting to transcribe the text of an audio to obtain keywords and contribute to a good natural referencing (SEO) on the search engine Google. Texts, audio, videos, everything comes full circle!

Automatic transcription sublimates the audio

At Authôt, we help you quickly transcribe your audio, translate them and subtitle your videos. By using the Authôt application, you can easily extract the best editorial, writing support for your podcasts.

If your file has good sound quality, you can opt for the automatic transcription service only and do the editing yourself using our text editor. It’s quick and easy The automatic transcription service enhances the audio of the podcast, as it allows you to further extend the accessibility of your various contents in this podcasts’ success logic.

Why turn your videos into podcasts

To go even further in this trend and this digital accessibility of content, we now suggest that you also turn your videos into podcasts. To create a synergy between all your contents, your communication channels. Voices, texts, subtitles, videos, etc.

Indeed, according to Inktomi.fr, if the podcast creation application Anchor launches a new tool precisely to transform video calls into podcasts, it’s no coincidence. It’s because they understood the importance of audio and the need to kill two birds with one stone. Especially during containment.

Indeed, since everyone stays at home, why not transform your videos into simpler supports to « watch », listen, consume?

In fact, Anchor which is owned by Spotify allows users to download video recordings and automatically extract sound from the file. Its new tool works over the web and supports .mp4 and .mov video files.

The new feature is the latest in a series of additions Anchor has made to its platform to make podcasting easier. For example, in March, the platform added an option to record a podcast directly from a browser. Without even having an account.

Finally, you should know that there are other tools to convert your audio into video, such as Auphonic, Convert.io. Each one has its specificities according to your formats and your needs.

We hope you’ve learned more about podcasts’ success, the trend of podcasting during quarantine. Also, about the need to focus on audio, via transcription, but also by transforming your videos into podcasts! If you would like to benefit from our audiovisual expertise, in transcription, or subtitling, do not hesitate to contact us!

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