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Spanish transcription and subtitle

Today, focus on spanish transcription!

Well, everybody knows Spain, maybe some of you went there for holidays because of the sun, tapas and flamenco. This beautiful country has, indeed, a lot of marvellous things to offer!
However, Spain is not only distinguished by holidaymakers, in fact, students are also more and more interested in this country for their university courses. Spain is actually the first destination for the Erasmus Programme, wich was established in 1987. Thus, almost 40 000 European students were welcomed in Spain during the year 2013-2014.

Spanish transcription within Universities for language learning

We found it interesting to have these students’ point of view of, in particular, their feelings about the first courses in spanish. Because when you are an student living abroad, everything is new which is both exciting and a quite scary. We therefore decided to organize a rendez-vous with a former Erasmus student, Emilien Vivier, who is now preparing for the bar in Paris.

« Hello Emilien,
You had to go study abroad?
Indeed, that’s true, I had the chance to go to Spain. I’ve made my bachelor degree in Law in Seville in Andalusia. I’ve been fond of the spanish culture since I was 13 years old and I wanted to live a rewarding experience. It was a real linguistic springboard.

How was your arrival and your first courses in a non native language?
I moved into a flat-share with four spanish students from Cadix, this immersion helped me practice my spanish. At University, the first weeks were complicated, teachers spoke spanish with a strong andalou accent. Indeed, even if my spanish was good; the dialogue and understanding with teachers were less easy, in particularly during the technical courses such as tax law.

I’ve read in several articles that watching show in spanish with subtitles was a great solution to be well prepared before the departure and familiarise oneself with the language, accent and expressions. Would you have liked such spanish subtitling formula for your courses?
Yes, I actually think that courses in the form of films or other videos with subtitles would be a real added value. Indeed, we are left to ourselves for language learning, the courses given at University follow standards programs and are not really adapted at the reality of the language in the country; hence the desirability and importance of courses with spanish subtitling as it is often the case with the MOOCs.
But, I want to point that 50% of language learning will happen thanks to the relationships made in the country with locals and not only by staying in the French community.

And, finally, you’re bilingual?
I don’t know if I can consider myself as bilingual, but I have got a very strong relationship with spanish people, who are my friends now and I go to Sevilla very frequently. My ambition is now to integrate a business cabinet in Madrid or Barcelona and live there. Viva España!
Thanks Emilien for your intervention and this exchange. »

In the light of this interview and articles we have mentioned and shared, we underline the importance of spanish transcription in academic environment.

Spanish transcription App!

Authôt is a partner of choice for MOOC’s captioning. In fact, our start-up 100% frenchy has already subtitled and translated numerous online courses for HEC, OpenClassroom or Inria.
Then, this focus on Spain highlights the arrival of a new language in the application, spanish of course!
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