Speech recognition: a marketing tool for SEO


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Speech recognition: a key element for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to all techniques used to improve the visibility of a website.
Nowadays, most people use search engines to find information : they type keywords into the search engines in order to be redirected to the desired content.
Another kind of research becomes more important in recent years: research by speech recognition.
Indeed, this new type of research is increasingly used and this is partly explained by the development and growth of the mobile. Mobile has moreover exceeded desktop’s use since October 2016, confirming its hegemony. It should also be noted that Google released a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm in April 2015. Called MobileGeddon this algorithm was designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. The mobile is therefore the future in the issues of SEO.

Speech recognition, used on a daily basis

speech recognition and SEO
« We are moving away from a world where people must understand computers to a world in which computers must understand us”. This quote from Harry Schum, boss of the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research group, shows us the change that has taken place in recent years. We live in a connected world, in fact, 1. 5 billion mobiles were sold in 2016, and this will only increase in the years to come.
It is also necessary to rely on the Internet of Things (IoT), they become more and more numerous and touch all sectors (home, health, cars…). In the future, speech recognition will be essential to facilitate their use.
Thus, our phones and connected objects become’intelligents’, like small laptops to which we can ask anything and everything. « Hey Siri« , « Ok Google« , these little sentences seem now familiar and show the importance given to speech recognition.
According to the American advertising company Comescore, by 2020, no less than 200 million searches per month will be made via speech recognition. It is also important to emphasize that there is an increasing number of searches in interrogative form. This trend has been accentuated with speech recognition because it sound now familiar to ask questions directly to our phone « Siri, where I can find a good restaurant close to home? »
Speech recognition is therefore seen in the future as an essential element that will support our daily life. It must be taken into consideration by the marketing teams so as to exploit this great potential.

Authôt expertise in speech recognition

At Authôt, we are specialized in Automatic Transcription of audio / video files in text. This is thanks to our innovative Automatic Speech Recognition technology.
Unlike the speech recognition, described above and which allows voice control (car, phone, computer with Cortana under Windows etc. ), our Automatic Speech Recognition technology responds to the challenge of SEO.
Indeed, the transcription of a video into text makes possible its indexing (VSEO), the same for the transcription of an audio podcast. Adding text to audio or video content, via a description field or subtitle, allows search engines to spot keywords.
To learn more about our technology, we invite you to read our « Summer Saga » on our blog in the R&D section. Through 4 articles we answer the question « How is a computer converting speech into text? ».


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