Video transcription: a powerful SEO tool


video transcription

Video transcription: a powerful marketing tool for Google SEO and Youtube videos

How to optimize your videos for search engines? 

Three hundred hours of videos are uploaded online each minute on Youtube. It would take more than 1,000 years for one person to watch all videos (without taking into account videos that will be uploaded tomorrow). The video is an excellent SEO opportunity on Google. Google shows more and more in its results: news, images… and videos. 

With the multiplication of online videos, companies innovate in order to optimize the visibility of their videos. Unless you have highly attractive video or supported by a communication campaign, you will hardly compete with millions of videos.

We then propose some easy tips to execute in order to stand out from competitors and increase your visibility:

  • First tip: Record less than 5 minutes

Users quickly zap content. Keep in mind that the average viewing length of Youtube videos is 1min30.
Short videos improve number of views and commitment which also are two of Google ranking factors. It is therefore essential that users watch as long as possible your videos.
Prefer short videos (less than 5 minutes) and if necessary, cut your videos into chapters.
The multiplication of videos will improve your SEO.

  • Second tip: Create a title and a description for a strategic keyword

The choice of the title is crucial to encourage readers to watch your video. This is the first contact with your readers.
To catch their attention, you should use short sentence with
representative keywords of the message you want to convey, but also keywords searched by your target audience.

  • Third tip: Transcribe your videos entirely

Now, video transcription is an essential tool if we want to increase the Google ranking and the visibility of your YouTube videos.
To transcribe an audio file (podcast) or video (streaming) improve the SEO.
Thanks to time coded transcriptions you also allow your content to be accessible to hard of hearing people.
Lots of video transcription software exist on the market.

Authôt application, a multi-speakers voice recognition technology, enhances multimedia contents accessibility and visibility.

  • Fourth tip: Share your videos

Share as many videos as possible on social networks or websites to develop your reputation.


Authôt: You speak, we write.